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How can I get my assignment orders changed?

I contacted my assignment manager twice via email requesting a my choices of a new duty station but they have not replied. I checked the system today and found out I am on order for FT Bragg which was neither of my choices. Is there anyway this can be fixed?.. Read the Answer»

Military Personnel Section Customer Handbook

Topics covered in this handbook are as follows: Adverse Actions (Unfavorable Information Files (UIFS)); Assignments/Out-Processing; Automated Records Management System (ARMS); Awards And Decorations; Base In-Processing; Base Level Service Delivery Model (BLSDM); Basic Allowance For Subsistence/Essential Station Messing (BAS/ESM); Career Status …Read More

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Can my CSM have my orders deleted?

I have recently been put on orders. My CSM has requested that they be deleted. I do not agree with the decision, however he is the BN CSM. Can he do this? How can I stop them from being deleted if I can?.. Read the Answer»

AR 614-30 Overseas Service

This regulation provides policy and guidance on: a. Eligibility and selection criteria for overseas service in a permanent change of station status under routine conditions as well as contingency operations and deployments. b. Establishment of tour lengths for overseas areas. …Read More

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AR 614-200 Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management

This regulation prescribes the reporting, selection, assignment, and utilization of Active Army enlisted personnel, excluding initial entry training Soldiers. It provides general assignment policies and responsibilities for managing the enlisted force. It also prescribes— (1) Stabilized periods for selected units, …Read More

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AR 614-185 Requisitions and Assignment Instructions for Officers

This regulation establishes the procedures for requisitioning warrant and commissioned officers (through lieutenant colonel) managed by the US Army Military Personnel Center. It also establishes the procedures for processing assignment instructions for all Army officers (through colonel).

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AR 614-120 Interservice Transfer of Army Commissioned Officers on the Active Duty List

This regulation: a. Establishes policies and explains procedures for Regular and Reserve commissioned officers of the Army on the active duty list to apply for transfer to one of the other Uniformed Services. This includes students enrolled in the Uniformed …Read More

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This is a classified regulation and may be accessed at the following SIPRNET website: “http://www.dami.army.smil.mil/site/humint/index/aspx”

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AR 614-11 Temporary Duty (TDY)

This regulation sets forth policies, procedures, and responsibilities for procuring military personnel (individually or in a group) for TDY. It does not apply to Meetings, conferences, program reviews, and similar gatherings in which personnel attend as representatives and remain under …Read More

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AR 614-107 Assignment of Officers as Army Research Associates with the Energy Research and Development Administration

This regulation prescribes policy and procedures for selecting and assigning Army officers as Army Research Associates with the Energy Research and Development Administration. Applicability: The provisions of this regulation do not apply to the Army National Guard or the Army …Read More

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AR 614-100 Officer Assignment Policies, Details, and Transfers

This regulation: a.  Establishes policies and procedures for the reassignment of  commissioned and warrant officers between commands or units of the Army. Procedures are established for processing requests for reassignment and restrictions are imposed on permanent changes of station of …Read More

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AR 614-10 Army Personnel Exchange Program with Military Services of Other Nations

This regulation sets policies, procedures, and responsibilities for conducting the Army military personnel exchange program. It applies to all Army units, commands, and personnel that manage, support, or participate in the program. It does not apply to other exchange programs …Read More

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