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AR 635-200

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Can I be separated from the Army because of an alcohol related incident downtown?

I received an field grade article 15 for underage drinking (art 92) in November. Got command refereed to asap and they decided that I didn't fit into their program so they never enrolled me. In March I received a citation for consumption from a civilian police officer. I hired a lawyer and they told me to do a drug and alcohol class and 8hrs community service. I completed that and its on the way of being dismissed. I never got counseled on the event off-post and my company sent me to asap which I passed. Well, my command sent me to my phase 1, 2 evaluation, mental evaluation and education briefing. Then they handed me a backdated counseling statement from Apr 23rd saying I'm getting recommended for chapter 9 (failure to rehabilitate) which I signed with today's date. I went to rehab graduated, learned form my mistake and haven't drank since march. WHAT SHOULD I DO? CAN THEY DO THIS TO ME?.. Read the Answer»

My husband and I are both active duty and we are expecting our 1st child- Should I separate under a Chapter 5-8?

My husband and I are both active duty and expecting our first child. We are considering our options for a Family Care plan and came across Chapter 5-8. Is it plausible for me to be able to get out on a Chapter 5-8 with an Honorable Discharge with us both being Active Duty?.. Read the Answer»

Can they kick a Soldier out of the Army without evidence?

My brother states he is getting kicked out of Army for being guilty by association. He was in a car accident with a new Soldier. My brother and a friend were driving this new Soldier around and they had an accident. The authorities found spice on this Soldier. They ransack all the Soldiers involved, my brothers room, blood test everything comes up clean. Yet they are kicking him out for reason of guilty of association. Is this possible?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be held past their ETS to process a separation action that does not involve a courts martial?

I have a Soldier facing a chapter under 14-12c. His ETS date is within 1.5 months. There is no way the chapter packet will be completed prior to his ETS. There is nothing related to a court martial involved. The Chain of Command is saying they are going to hold the Soldier past his ETS date. Also can he obtain orders to clear while this is going on. No one in my chain seems to know what to do or where to find the info. He is a good kid and I would like to help him as much as I can. .. Read the Answer»

Can my chain of command reconstruct negative counseling statements in an attempt to separate me from the service?

Can I be recounseled if my Platoon Sgt lost my packet and they are now trying to back date negative counselings and develop a separation packet-that they lost. Can they do that?.. Read the Answer»

A leader with 19 years of service came up positive on a Urine Analysis, what can he expect?

I am an active duty NCO with 19 years of service and came up positive on a UA. What can I expect?.. Read the Answer»

What documentation is needed for chapter and separation actions?

How do I know what documentation is needed for a specific chapter action?.. Read the Answer»

What are my benefits upon separation from the military?

What benefits will I get if I am chaptered out of the Army?.. Read the Answer»

Department of the Army Bars to Reenlistment Qualitative Management Program (QMP) Legal Questions and Answers

AR 635-200 (Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations) sets forth the policies and procedures for the Army’s retention/reenlistment programs. There are two forms of retention/reenlistment bars: (1) local bars, or (2) Department of the Army imposed bars that are part of …Read More

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Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide

This is a Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide. It can be used to study the information you need to know to prepare to go in front of the SAMC Board.  It has sections covering the Motto, History of the …Read More

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Prepare DA Form 4430, DD Forms 2707, and DD Forms 2704 Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that teaches how to Prepare DA Form 4430 Department of the Army Report of Result of Trial, DD Form 2707 Confinement Order and DD Form 2704 Victim/Witness Certification and Election Concerning Prisoner Status that are required to be filled …Read More

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Military Justice Class/Briefing

Class / briefing that covers military justice. It is intended to teach how to identify the principles of military justice including criminal misconduct, jurisdiction, investigations, soldiers’ rights, search and seizure, restriction, administrative separations, non-judicial and judicial punishments, and unlawful command influence. …Read More

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