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Maximize periods of rest between APFT events

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Take full advantage of rest periods between PT test events to improve overall test score. Every bit helps. FM 7-22 states on page A-1, Section A.2 “Soldiers are allowed a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes rest between events.”    

PMCS your Running Shoes prior to the APFT

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Check your running shoes the day prior to make sure the laces are good (If not, replace them.). On test day, firmly lace your shoes to where comfortable, but not too tight, and double knot tie the laces to prevent a shoe mishap when running.

Can Physical Fitness Exercise be use as Corrective Training?

Yes it can be used as corrective training if the rules are followed In your example this is not  the proper application or execution of using Physical Training as Corrective Training. AR 600-20 and FM 7-22 contact information on using physical fitness as corrective training.  Keep in mind this is not designed to smoke the Soldier but to gain their attention.  Leaders that improperly use this as a method of punishment can be perceived as abusing their subordinates and or potentially cause Read more

Should I eat sweets before a PT Test?

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Do not eat a candy bar or other sugary foods before a PT test. They will rob you of needed energy by the time you get to your run portion of the test.

Preparing for the 2 Mile Run on APFT Test Day

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About 5 minutes prior to the run events, jog in place a minute to get the blood flowing and prepare your body for the test.

Can my Commadner force me to do Corrective PT, Extra PT because I did not make a 270 on my APFT but passed my APFT?

Can my Commander force Soldiers to do additional PT and force them to come in on weekends because they did not score a 270 or higher, even though they all have passing pt scores.. Read the Answer»

Push-up prep for PT test

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About 5-10 minutes prior to performing the push-up section of the test, knock out about 5-10 medium to slow paced push-ups to get the blood flowing and prepare your body for the test.

What physical activity should I do before a PT test?

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To get your maximum PT score, the week before the PT test, do light PT. Your body will be craving to fly on test day. If you can’t do that, than do light PT two days prior. At a minimum, the day prior to the PT test, don’t do muscle failure! The goal with your PT test is to max it. Resting the day prior I believe adds a good 5-7 points to your PT test and muscle failure the day before can be the difference between pass and fail for those that don’t have strong PT scores.


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Always rest your muscles 1 day a week. Your body needs it.

I don’t like to exercise, how do I get in shape?

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Nothing happens until something moves. Getting in shape is a combination of the self discipline of healthy eating and exercise. For the record, you don’t need to eat all healthy food and exercise two hours a day. Start replacing an unhealthy mainstay with a healthy one that you like and start exercising at an easy point and build up. Rome was not built in a day, so getting in shape takes a month or two. Keep it simple. I have created a fitness program that whether you are completely out of shape Read more

Can a commander reduce a Soldier in rank without an Article 15?

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AR 600-8-19 allows a commander to conduct an administrative reduction in some unique cases. Hope this helps Did you find this information useful? We appreciate your feedback! TOP

Post work-out soreness

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If your body is prone to soreness after a workout, do not drink overly large amounts of juices high in lactic acid, such as orange juice. A glass is fine, but a half gallon is another story. You don’t want to delay your recovery.