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Relief for Cause Reports Article 1 of 2

Introduction I must make it extremely clear that the information contained in this article should only be used as a guide. Since each case must stand on its own merit, it is important you seek guidance from qualified personnel and reference …Read More

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Social Media Standards for Army Leaders

SOCIAL MEDIA FOR LEADERS Social media has improved the way we connect and communicate as a culture, but it presents some interesting dilemmas for Army leaders. ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS Social media is about connecting, so it’s only natural that Army leaders may interact and function in …Read More

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Domestic Violence and Transitional Compensation Program

Introduction Recently I was working with a family member that allegedly was abused by the spouse (a military member).  That’s when I found out about the Transitional Compensation Program. I feel like this information needs to reach family members so …Read More

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Ranking Your Soldiers for Evaluation Reports (NCOERs and OERs)

Rank Your Subordinates Ranking is a process you can use to document your initial or gut feelings about your team’s performance. It is very important that you do not rely solely on this initial process because the initial ranking is …Read More

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Resources for Award Writing

Strategy Resources Before you begin writing an award you need to arm yourself with some background information. Reviewing these documents will help you acquire a firm foundation of award policy and procedures: AR 600-8-22 Military Awards: This regulation contains the …Read More

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What to do When an Award is Downgraded

Downgrading an Award Typically you will not discover an award has been downgraded until it returns to the unit. This means your ability to appeal the downgrade will be limited by the Soldier’s departure from the unit or the time …Read More

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Getting an Award Approved for Your Soldiers

Understanding Your Environment When you recommend a Soldier for an award you want to make sure they get the award they deserve. To do this you need to understand the environment you are working in. Ask yourself a few questions: …Read More

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I (NCO) Escorted a Soldier who was Restricted to Post-to an Off Post Location; Can I Lose my Rank Over this?

I'm an NCO who took a soldier off post after being told by another NCO he was on restriction but could only go somewhere if an NCO took him. That soldier ended up getting in serious trouble , am I to blame and could I lose my rank as punishment?.. Read the Answer»

Does an E-5 Reduced to E-4 Get a Relief for Cause or Change of Rater?

TOP, I have an NCO that was given a Field Grade and reduced to SPC. I want to give him a Change of Rater because I believe he was and could be a good NCO again. My leadership is stating I must give him a Relief for Cause. I understand he made a mistake and his punishment was warranted and he was never "relieved' him from his position. Can I be forced to write a Relief for Cause NCOER when I don't agree with it?.. Read the Answer»

What Type of Questions Should I ask My Soldiers During an In-Ranks Inspection?

Introduction Become the Uniform Subject Matter Expert in your Unit. Get your copy of Wear It Right Army Quick Reference Uniform Book Today–Answer all your uniform questions This will vary depending on the specifics of the inspection. You should establish a …Read More

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What is the Proper Method to Conduct an In-Ranks Inspection? (Taken from Wear It Right Army Uniform Book)

Form the Element Once the element has been properly prepared for inspection as outlined in TC 3-21.5, the inspector should proceed to the first person for inspection. The inspector should position himself fifteen inches in front of the Soldier to be inspected. …Read More

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Award Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Part of the ASKTOP mission is to get tools to Soldiers and leaders so they can be more effective and efficient. I have attached a copy of an Awards SOP for those of you that might be in need of …Read More

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