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DG-1110-1-3 Engineering and Design – Air Stripping

This design guide provides design and construction information for implementation of air stripping systems. Air strippers remove volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from liquid (water) by providing contact between the liquid and gas (air). The gas (air) may then be released to the atmosphere or treated to remove the VOCs and subsequently released to the atmosphere. Download: 24/DG-1110-1-3 Engineering and Design – Air Stripping.pdf Size: 258.28 KB

DG 1110-3-122 Design Guide for Interiors

The purpose of the Design Guide for Interiors is to provide support to customers and designers in the creation of functional and aesthetic interior designs for facilities. The design guide addresses the full spectrum of design-related issues before the interior designer, with discussions of design theory, building technology, material resources, application, and criteria for selection of materials and products. The intent is to provide a common basis to communication and understanding of critical Read more

DG 1110-1-2 Adsorption Design Guide

This Design Guide provides practical guidance for the design of liquid and vapor phase devices for the adsorption of organic chemicals. The absorptive media addressed include granular activated carbon (GAC) and other alternative adsorption carbon media, such as powdered activated carbon (PAC) and non-carbon adsorbents.