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Can I be punished under the UCMJ for dating a girl who is engaged to another Soldier?

I met a girl who turned out to be engaged to a Marine. We fell in love and she left him for me. However, I know he has access to proof that we were having a relationship prior to them breaking up. Should I be worried about the UCMJ or any repercussions?.. Read the Answer»

Powell on Leadership

Leadership is solving problems. The day Soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure …Read More

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Unexpected Downtime

We experienced a service outage this morning thanks to a technical issue at our ISP. Things are back up and running now. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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Can I administer a “for record” APFT while deployed? (UPDATED)

Does a PT Test administered during deployment count as a record pt test or is it only a diagnostic?.. Read the Answer»

When do temporary medical profiles expire if they are not dated?

I have Soldier who went to the doc and got a temp profile but it does not have an expiration date on it. What should I do?.. Read the Answer»

Are resolved counselings still valid?

I was counseled for a minor reoccurring problem about two months ago. I fixed the issue and my squad leader updated my counseling statement with an assessment that said the problem had been resolved to her satisfaction. I'm now facing an unrelated problem and my chain of command is trying to use that resolved counseling statement against me. Can they do that?.. Read the Answer»

Can my chain of command force me to change my recommendation?

A Squad Leader is being "strongly encouraged" (nearly forced) by 1SG and CSM to change critical comments in a subordinate's performance evaluation form (NGB 4101-1-R) and pad the points so they seem more favorable towards the subordinate Soldier. SL does not agree with changing any comments or points. What does the SL do?.. Read the Answer»

How do I tell my side of the story on a counseling statement?

I am in E-5 in the Army National Guard. I recently received a counseling statement that I have not signed because I believe it does not sufficiently explain the incident. Some of the information is incorrect as well and I have documentation to support my claim of inaccuracies. Should I sign the counseling statement? How can I tell my side of the issue? .. Read the Answer»

What are the time limitations for the completion of counseling?

What are the time limitations for the completion of counseling?.. Read the Answer»

Can one negative counseling stop me from being promoted?

I am in the secondary zone for promotion to E-6 and got a negative counseling statement. My supervisor now states he will not send me to the promotion board. Can he really do this?.. Read the Answer»

Will my Army unit accept a civilian medical profile?

I have a profile from a civilian doctor I got while I was on leave but my unit won't accept it. What's up with that?.. Read the Answer»

Promotions and Substandard Performers

Substandard performers do not promote themselves, they are promoted by leaders who fail to do their job!

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