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Can my platoon sergeant take me off the promotion list?

I am promotable. My platoon sergeant gave me a counseling statement and told me I would not be getting my E-6. Can he do this?.. Read the Answer»

Do I have to follow the Plan of Action if I disagree with a counseling?

By disagreeing on a counseling statement that I signed, do I still have to do the plan of action?.. Read the Answer»

What reg says I can’t order a Soldier to sign a counseling statement

What Regulations states I cannot order a Soldier to sign a counseling statement?.. Read the Answer»

Can I order a Soldier to sign a DA 4856 counseling statement?

Can I order a Soldier to sign a counseling statement?.. Read the Answer»

Proposed changes for the new NCOER system

Recently I was made aware the Army is considering changes to the NCOER system. The new system is scheduled for implementation by June 2012. I understand the following changes are being considered

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How do I report an improper relationship?

A Soldier in my unit is sleeping with a Senior leader's wife? How do I handle this?.. Read the Answer»

How do I clear a CBRN mask for an unconscious casualty?

I was asked a question recently and can't find the answer. If you come across a casualty who is unconscious in a CBRN environment, how do you clear their mask?.. Read the Answer»

Can I fire MK19 40mm grenades from the M203?

I have a bet going with a buddy. Can you fire MK19 40mm grenade out of the M203?.. Read the Answer»

Can my unit revoke my EOD badge?

Hey, my chain of command is threatening to revoke my EOD badge. Can they really do that?.. Read the Answer»

Why do awards get downgraded?

I just got my end of tour award back and it was downgraded from an ARCOM to an AAM. It's not fair. What can I do?.. Read the Answer»

What do I do when an NCO Declines NCOES?

I have an NCO who declined to go to an NCOES school. What should I do?.. Read the Answer»

Why was I not recommended for promotion?

Recently I was not recommended for promotion by my commander. What should happen now?.. Read the Answer»