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When is it Appropriate for a Person Outside the Rating Chain to Rate a Soldier?

What is the recovery time for a profile?

I am on a profile. How long do I have to recover before I have to take the APFT?.. Read the Answer»

Do I have to pull Staff Duty while pregnant?

You are authorized to pull staff duty as long as it is within the limits of your profile. If you have concerns or require special consideration you should consider speaking with your doctor and chain of command

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Can I request a Stand By Advisory Board (STAB) if my IPERMS / OMPF is missing documents?

A Standby Advisory Board might be allowed.  I would suggest you read:  AR 600-8-19 for the items that justify a Standby Advisory Board (STAB).

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Welcome Aboard MSG(P) Christopher Miller

Asktop would like to give a warm WELCOME to MSG (P) Christopher Miller. Chris is a Subject Mater Expert in Leadership, Training, and Mentoring. Here is some information about Chris. Chris Miller is an active-duty Master Sergeant (Promotable) and has …Read More

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Can a Leader Use Physical Force to Make a Soldier Comply with an Order!

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Can my unit force Soldier to make or provide cookies for a Unit Organziational Day?

I just received an email containing an OPORD for a Battalion Org Day. My shop was tasked with providing cookies for the entire Battalion (over 700 PAX). Can my leadership do this? I was under the impression that units cannot require soldiers to expend funds for these types of events. They may WANT us to provide cookies but can they MAKE me provide cookies? Thank you .. Read the Answer»

Can any Leader inspect a Profile?

I have searched in AR 40-501 manually and searched using keywords. I cannot find where in the regulation it states any leader can inspect profiles. I see information for commanders and knowing their soldier’s physical ability, but even then, nothing on inspection of physical profiles. Please advise.. Read the Answer»

What award is related to the Award Abbreviation: ALB

in box 15 of NGB 22, an award called ALB, right after the ARCAM, and before NG awards, is listed. I can't translate it into a medal or badge. My dad was a tanker and infantryman and I can find no related awards with an abbreviation of ALB. .. Read the Answer»

Is a Commander Required to Serve Divorce Papers to a Soldier?

Is a Commander Required to Serve Divorce Papers to a Soldier.. Read the Answer»

I lost my status a few weeks ago because my ppw was not updated with a current APFT Will I lose my Promotable Status

I lost my status a few weeks ago because my ppw was not updated with a current APFT. So my promo points disappeared off of my ERB which I assume is losing my p status. I checked my erb this morning and all my stuff is updated and my promo points are back on there. Does that mean I am promotable? my ppw status is; MLI-recommended E6.. Read the Answer»

Can I be Placed on Setup and Clean Up Detail because I chose not to Participate in a Unit Ball?

Because I didn't purchase a ticket to our Unit's Ball, I've been told, only 3 days prior, that I will be on the setup/cleanup detail. The reason that I didn't buy a ticket was because My wife works at night, past midnight, and I need to be home with the kids. Now They say I need to find a baby sitter because I am on the detail. So not buying a ticket will cost me almost $100 for a Friday night baby sitter at last minute notice. Do I have any recourse? And no, there is no DA6 for details or the likes... Read the Answer»