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U.S. Army Inspections: The Basics

This article is the first in a series about inspections. As I travel, Soldiers share with me the challenges they are facing. A leader recently told me that they were inundated with inspections. This began a discussion about why inspections …Read More

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Can I inspect a Soldier’s quarters or off post housing for health and welfare?

I do weekly (at least) barracks inspections. While I was out doing my run, i decided to pop in and see one of my Soldiers who lives on post. He's a young E4 with a wife and two kids. He allowed me in his home and we talked for a few minutes. While I was there, I noticed that his house was filthy. I politely mentioned this to him. I brought it to the attention of my E6. He came with me to visit the Soldier the following week. The house was still a mess. We sat him down and spoke to him about it. We then paid another visit today. He had notice and time to prepare for us. Conditions were better, but still bad. Now my question is this: Do we have the right to counsel and punish (if deemed necessary) for this? Or is a Soldier's house off-limits to the reach of their leaders? I've been searching and having a hard time finding any solid information on this. I don't want to see this situation blow up and have him go to JAG and sink everyone involved because we were trying to help him... Read the Answer»

Can the Chain of Command Conduct Barracks Inspections without Soldiers being Present?

Is there a regulation that allows senior leadership to go through a single Soldier's room anytime they wish, without probable cause of anything suspicious and without notifying the single Soldier.. Read the Answer»

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Can I be demoted without Paperwork or an explanation?

Myself and two others were demoted prior to a mission without being told why and we were told we didn’t have the right to see the paperwork. Two weeks later we were given our rank back. Nothing was said about …Read More

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Am I drunk on duty if I had no reasonable expectation that I would be required to work?

The response is provided based on the information you shared. It is not legal advice nor should this information be used to make a decision. It is highly recommended you speak with your chain of command, IG, and/or JAG before …Read More

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Are you a Mentor and Tor-mentor?

Have you ever had an individual come up to you and state they were going to Mentor you? What did you think when they said that to you. Typically in my mind I would say “How can you mentor me, …Read More

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I have a P3 profile do I still have to do PT?

Honest Mistake or Unforgivable Sin?

Have you ever had a Soldier make a mistake, sometimes a serious mistake? What is appropriate action? Is it a slap on the wrist, corrective training, or UCMJ? How do you determine which action is appropriate? In my opinion there …Read More

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Is it mandatory that I receive a Retirement Evaluation?

AR 623-3 page 34 states: 3-2 g. Retirement OER or NCOER requirements include the following: (1) All Soldiers will receive an OER or NCOER within 12 months before the first day of transition leave. Retirement OERs or NCOERs of less …Read More

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What regulation prevents the use of foul language in the work place.

Foul language or (Indecent Language) can be charged under the Military Manual for Courts Martial. 104 Article 134, page IV148. It states in part. c. Explanation. Indecent language is that which is grossly offensive to modesty, decency, or propriety, or …Read More

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Are You Venting or Do You Want Me to Do Something?

How do you handle it when a Soldier approaches you and wants to talk? Do you listen? Are you involved with other issues and don’t have time? Do you have conflicting priorities and half way pay attention? How do you …Read More

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Following a Good Leader

During my career I was always given the worst element in the unit (Squad, Platoon, Company). The good part about assuming responsibility for what my senior leaders saw as a substandard element is that I had no place to go …Read More

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