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Can I be counseled in Jan (verbally) and then receive a counseling in March that is backdated to Jan?

Can you receive a counseling for over weight that's been giving in January but have to still sign it March and the date be changed back to the 29th of january? .. Read the Answer»

Can My Unit Refuse to Use the DA FORM 6 and not follow AR 220-45?

Based on the information you provided I could find no exception to policy for AR 220-45. The first page of the regulation contains the following information Summary. This revision requires that all locally established methods and procedures for DA Form …Read More

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Do You Know the Counseling and Rehabilitative Transfer Requirements under AR 635-200?

AR 635-200 paragraph: 1–16. Counseling and rehabilitative requirements a. General. Army leaders at all levels must be continually aware of their obligation to provide purpose, direction, and motivation to Soldiers. It is essential that Soldiers who falter, but have the …Read More

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Army verbal counseling

Verbal Counseling Guidelines Normally when we think of counseling we think in terms of a written counseling form.  Believe it or not you counsel Soldiers every day.  A formal verbal counseling could be as simple as calling a Soldier in …Read More

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Can a leader ask if I am dating someone?

A History of the Noncommissioned Officer

Attached is a History of the Noncommissioned Officer. It was written by L.R. Arms of the US Army Museum of the NCO. It provides a great perspective on the history of the NCO from the American Revolution through the Second …Read More

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Bullied by Supervisor – What Can I Do?

Don’t Get Discouraged: first do not to get discouraged. The great part about the military is someone is always rotating to a new position.  The sergeant will rotate to another unit, typical tours overseas are 3 years.  The sergeant may …Read More

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Can I be rated by a leader that is junior to me by time in grade or date of rank?


We are now taking pre-orders for Ghosts of the Valley, a compelling account of one Soldier’s journey through combat and redeployment. A must read for anyone that is deploying, has deployed, or is interested in understanding the war in Afghanistan …Read More

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Can a Leader SMOKE a Soldier?

This subject is covered under AR 600-20 paragraph 4-19.  And FM 7-22.  Please pay special attention to 4-19b(3)(a) of AR 600-20.  Basically, smoke sessions are not authorized as they are a form of punishment.  With that stated leaders can use …Read More

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When is it Appropriate for a Person Outside the Rating Chain to Rate a Soldier?

What is the recovery time for a profile?

I am on a profile. How long do I have to recover before I have to take the APFT?.. Read the Answer»