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Why am I still flagged?

I was flagged for drinking underage about two months ago. I was instructed to perform corrective training. I completed the training shortly thereafter. I just signed up for college and was told I do not qualify for tuition assistance because I am still flagged. Why am I still flagged? How do I get this flag lifted?

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AR 600-8-2 covers flag actions.  If you received an Article 15, the flag will remain in place until the entire punishment is complete including suspensions. The flag should be lifted when the issue is resolved. If you were only instructed to complete corrective training, it is likely your chain of command simply forgot to lift the flag as a result of the pending investigation concerning the initial offense. Speak with your 1SG or CDR and explain the situation. They will either lift the flag or explain why it has not been lifted.

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  • soldiers wife


    just to make sure I am understanding this right. If a soldier is flagged and he or she gets a artcial 15. They go from e 4 to e 1, and 45 and 45. the flag will be lifted in 45 days. Since there punishment will be complete.


    • Mark Gerecht


      You are correct. The flag is lifted once the punishment phase of the Article 15 is complete. Below are extracts of AR 600-8-2 that apply:

      paragraph 1-12: (3) Nonjudicial punishment. emove the flag upon completion of punishment, to include any term of suspension. However, a flag for a soldier on a HQDA promotion list (officer promotable to 03–06, warrant officers promotable to CW3–CW5, and enlisted soldiers promotable to E7–E9) who is flagged for nonjudicial punishment can only be removed by HQDA (AHRC-Alexandria-MSP-S). Forward a copy of the initial DA Form 268 along with supporting documentation to HQDA (AHRC-Alexandria-MSP-S).

      paragraph 1-14
      A flag properly imposed in accordance with this regulation prohibits the personnel actions listed below (see para 1–15 for exceptions). The PSC will control the if applicable to guard against accidental execution of—
      a. Appointment, reappointment, reenlistment, and extension.
      b. Entry on active duty (AD) or active duty for training (ADT).
      c. Reassignment.
      d. Promotion or reevaluation for promotion.
      e. Awards and decorations.
      f. Attendance at civil or military schooling.
      g. Unqualified resignation or discharge.
      h. Retirement.
      i. Advanced or excess leave.
      j. Payment of enlistment bonus (EB) or selective reenlistment bonus (SRB).
      k. Assumption of command.
      l. Family member travel to an oversea command (when sponsor is overseas).
      m. Command sponsorship of family members in an oversea command (when sponsor is overseas).

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