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Is this illegal for another doctor to change my profile without seeing me?

I have a unique dilemma I need help with. I just had major knee surgery and my doctor stated I will need 6 to 9 months of recovery before I am fully healed. My doctor gave me a profile on 8 January which expires in April. Now I had another doctor from another clinic from another base change my profile without ever evaluating at all. Is this illegal for another doctor to do this and what you suggest I do? I am considering filing an IG complaint against this doctor

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Based on the limited information provided the answer is “Yes” based on regulatory guidance cited in AR 40-501. The profile was modified by a Profiling and Approving authority. All profiles must be reviewed by such an authority. The command has authority to have a profile reviewed and modified by a profiling authority.

 AR 40-501

7–6. Profiling officer and approving authority

 a. Profiling officers. Commanders of Army MTFs are authorized to designate one or more physicians, dentists,

optometrists, podiatrists, audiologists, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, licensed clinical psychologists, and physician

assistants as profiling officers. The commander will assure that those designated are thoroughly familiar with the

contents of this regulation.

 7–12. Responsibility for personnel actions

a. Commanders and personnel officers are responsible for necessary personnel actions, including appropriate entries

on personnel management records and the assignment of the individual to military duties commensurate with the

individual’s physical profile and recorded assignment limitations.

b. If the Soldier’s commander believes the Soldier cannot perform within the limits of the permanent profile, the

commander will request reconsideration of the profile by the profiling physician. Reconsideration must be accomplished

by the profiling officer, who will either amend the profile or revalidate the profile as appropriate. Commanders

may also request a review of temporary profiles.

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