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How do I prevent my Chain of Command constantly from excessively texting me after the normal duty day?

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This response is provide based on the information you provided. You should not use this content as the sole source in making your decision. Seek guidance from your chain of command, JAG, IG., or other appropriate agency.  Do your own research. Then make an informed decision.

I reached out to a few peers on this one to include our Legal SME.  While I can understand not wanting to be bothered after 1700 there are times when leaders need to pass critical information during the week and on weekends.  However, leaders need to exercise restraint and only contact Soldiers when it is critical, otherwise they should hold off on contacting the Soldier after the normal duty day.  What you may be experiencing could be coming from an inexperienced or immature leader.  In these cases you might consider approaching them in a humble and professional manner and asking them if they could only contact you if it is critical.  Ensure you explain you totally understand the need to communicate critical information you are just asking if the information can wait until the next day just to wait until the next day.  You have to be careful how you handle this as it could cause friction with your leader.  Now with that said there are a couple of other ways to handle it.  You can talk to the Platoon Sergeant/Leader, or Company Commander/1SG on open door policy but this too might cause some friction.  Another method could be to simply write an anonymous professional note to your commander and 1SG.  As a last resort you could make an anonymous complaint to the IG and simply ask them to share with your unit leadership that some elements of leadership are overzealous in communicating noncritical information after the normal duty day to include weekends.

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