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New AR 600-9 hits the Street- What Changed?

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Just a quick note to let you know of the changes in AR 600-9.    There are numerous changes.  The following is an extract of the Regulation Summary page.  Notice scales must now be calibrated.

  • Changes the name of the regulation from the Army Weight Control Program to the Army Body Composition Program (title page and throughout).
  • Adds responsibility for Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7 (para 2-4).
  • Replaces U.S. Army Reserve Components Personnel Center with U.S. Army Human Resources Command (para 2-13).
  • Deletes requirement to establish an interim process to collect and maintain data for submission in an annual report (para 2-16).
  • Deletes specific procedures required prior to attendance at institutional training; clarifies suspension of favorable personnel action (Flag) process to align with current policy (chap 3).
  • Deletes specific procedures related to bars to reenlistment and administrative separations (para 3-2).
  • Exempts certain categories of Soldiers from meeting the requirements of this regulation, with the exception of the requirement to maintain a Soldierly appearance (para 3-3).
  • Replaces medical holding units with Warrior Transition Unit or Community Based Warrior Transition Unit (para 3-3a).
  • Adds time frames for specific actions, Army Body Composition Program enrollment, counseling, and evaluations for Soldiers (paras 3-6, 3-7, and table 3-1).
  • Updates definition of Army Body Composition Program progress to include 1 percent body fat loss per month (para 3-9b).
  • Clarifies procedures for Soldiers with a temporary medical condition (para 3-11).
  • Defines the Army Body Composition Program failure as 3 nonconsecutive months of less than satisfactory progress (para 3-12).
  • Clarifies procedures to request an exception to policy (para 3-17).
  • Requires weight scale calibration annually (para B-2b).
  • Updates weight loss information (app C)

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Wear it Right! Army Uniform Guide

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  • John


    Retired 1SG here,

    I conducted the height and weight for my CDRs on Thursdays,prior to Apft, and record APFTs were Tuesday mornings… this way Soldiers who struggled with weight and for time concerns Apft mornings were focused on well fed motivated participants….never had more that 1% of the company as Apft failures never had more that 5% on the ABCP. I took alot of ear bending from the CSM for being lenient on the troops but the CDR uses the APFT and Weigh ins as scheduled I just provided some recommendations.

  • SFC Stamm


    Now on SGT Nick’s comment about waiting 7 days is not mandatory. If you read the regulation it is highly recommended and is at the call of the CDR. We just had the same question come up when I took my PT test but I had to get a record PT test done for school. So as the J1 NCO said in the reg it says highly recommended but it is not mandatory.

    • Mark Gerecht


      SFC Stamm,
      Thanks for pointing that out. You are absolutely correct.



    The biggest change is that the APFT and HT/WT cannot be conducted on the same day anymore, I found that change stunning. Now soldiers can take the APFT and then 7 days later drastically try to cut weight to make the scale before tape. Ultimately it helps Soldiers because they can make the weight scale without taking an APFT first. This can lead to Soldiers losing weight by unhealthy means.

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