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USMC Range Safety Pocket Guide

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This portable guide provides references to MCO 3570.1B and DA PAM 385-63. It is not intended for use as a sole source of information for the MCO 3570.1B and/or DA PAM 385-63. For further information, consult the full versions of MCO 3570.1B and DA PAM 385-63. Surface Danger Zone templates included in this guide are shown at a scale of 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 and are for reference only. The purpose of this pocket guide is to provide the user with a quick ready reference for the field, in order to assist in developing a training plan. It provides standards and procedures for the safe firing of ammunition, demolitions, lasers, guided missiles, and rockets for training. When standards conflict with those of other military services, Federal agencies, or host nations, the standards providing the higher degree of protection apply.

NOTE: This document is in PDF format


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