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Army Direct Ordering Policy Letter

The comprehensive guide to the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)

Layout procedures for using the ADO process for an on-line ordering available to deployed Soldiers.

NOTE: This document is in MS Word format


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  • SSG S


    Ok, I have a complicated series of questions about ADO and cannot find answers anywhere else. Our unit is managing the ADO process in a very odd way. I’ve used system before with different unit and it worked as advertised, our current unit is doing odd things. We are NOT allowed to go online and order anything, we are given papers to fill out. The unit is requiring us to turn in to supply nearly everything we order at time of pickup of new item, to include such items as IRR Flags. The unit is holding the US mail ADO comes in, in a random supply connex in the motorpool for distro once a week.

    My gut tells me they are not doing things right and may be in fact breaking the law by holding mail not addressed to them. I’ve seen them opening other boxes to get the receipts out before they “issue” the ADO. I’ve talked to the E6 in charge and got a lot of smoke blown up my butt. Some of my soldiers are told that the ADO items they ordered are not in stock and on backorder so don’t re-order them, yet my soldiers tell me they never ordered those items so my gut, yet again, tells me that someone is (at best) mis-managing the system or (at worst) committing fraud.

    Our unit is TDY to Afghanistan out of Kuwait, so we have no clear chain of command (other than company level) nor do we have access to an IG or other means outside the chain of command to pursue issues. Heck, we don’t even have DSN telephone service on my FOB.

    Anyone in supply have an answer to ” is this ok?” Should I let it go or should I pursue? My gut tells me this is all wrong but without someone who actually knows if this can be done or not I don’t want to make waves in this tiny pond. If this IS jacked up i’m the one to make waves, no problem but I just don’t know.

    SSG S

    • Anonymous


      I’m the supply officer for my unit. Technically issue items replaced through ADO are supposed to be turned in upon receipt of the new items. This is for OCIE items like FRACUS or crossbow glasses though, I don’t even know who they would turn IR flags in to. It’s up to the unit how they want to manage the program. We thought about controlling it like your unit is doing, because ultimately the supply guy has to have accountability on all those items. He has to keep those receipts for record. And the commander is supposed to monitor all the orders to protect against fraud waste and abuse. If not, they could get audited and serious trouble ensues. that being said i’ve never heard of a unit actually going to those lengths. Most just let people do what they want. Yours is just the only one actually doing things by the book. As far as the items showing up that people didn’t order, that does sound fishy. It sounds like for the most part, they’re doing nothing wrong, though they are being a little ridiculous about it. If you still want IG you can use the USFOR-A IG in the absence of one in your direct chain. You can email them.

      • SSG S


        Thanks for the info. If they are doing it “by the book” then the book is wrong up but not much I can do about that. The postal inspector can figure out if them holding mail not addressed to them is legit or not, we do have one of those here. All I can say at this point is if they want to be “by the book” they need to be 100% by the book and not just the parts they like.


  • Mackie



    I am currently deployed and order ADO when authorized myself. After some research, I could not find anything that prohibits us from ordering the same item twice. As long as you stay within the amount you are authorized to spend, I think you will be fine.


  • Ryan


    I ordered boots on ADO, and they’re a little too large. Our unit is allowing us to order ADO every other month. Is there a restriction on how often can I order boots on ADO? Or can I order another pair the next time I order ADO?

    • JV


      The Supply NCO should contact the ADO rep/ and request a self add envelope to return the boots. Onece the boots are received at the ADO warehouse/ They will mail you the correct size.

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