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Leaders Book Example: Contains 51 pages with information or coversheets for: Administrative data: Soldier’s Privacy Act Statement Daily Personnel Status Soldier’s Personal Data Sheet Counseling NCOER Awards Section Strip Map to Home Platoon Sergeant’s Duties METL, Sample 5 Paragraph Operation Order Mission Essential Task List (METL) Training Management, Training Requirement Individual Training Status Individual Weapon Training Status Pre-Execution Checklist After Action Review Proficiency Training Scheduled Events, Significant Activities Calendar Chain of command,Chain of Command NCO Support Channel Chain of Concern  Phones Listing,Alert Roster Important Numbers Miscellaneous Numbers Quick Reference Addresses  references, Sources of Information for NCO’s Forms Articles of the UCMJ Guidelines for Involuntary Separation IAW AR 635-200 Class A Uniforms Army Ribbons Promotion Criteria Risk Assessment Acronyms Army Song NCO Creed NCO Vision, and more.

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