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91W10 Advanced Individual Training Course: Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Handbook

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Topics covered in this handbook are as follows: NBC Equipment Overview (Individual protection equipment); Vesicants and Cyanide Agents (Classification and Properties of Vesicants; Effects and Treatments for Sulfur Mustard Agent Exposure; Effects and Treatment for Lewisite Agent Exposure; Effects and Treatment for Phosgene Oxime Agent Exposure; Signs, Symptoms and Treatment for Cyanide Exposure); Treat a Nuclear Exposed Casualty (Describe Nuclear Effects; Medical effects from a nuclear detonation; Thermal Injuries; Assessment findings of exposure; Terminate exposure; Provide assessment/treatment for specific exposure; Triage; Provide emergency medical care; Depleted Uranium (DU) Awareness); Overview of Biological Warfare (Identify Potential biological warfare agents and their characteristics; Potential Methods and Optimum Times for Dissemination of Biological Agents; Categories and Definitions of Biological Agents; Indicators of a Biological Warfare Attack; Methods of Defense Against a Biological Agent Attack); Establishment and Operation of a Casualty Decontamination Station (Components, Function(s), Location, Description, and Equipment of a Casualty Decontamination Station (CDS); Triage Considerations and Categories); Decontaminate a Casualty (Definition and Principles of Decontamination; Decontaminants; Decontaminate the casualty); Appendix A – NBC Equipment Overview Competency Skill Sheets; Appendix B – NBC Decontamination Skill Sheets; Appendix C – Establish a Protective Decontamination Shelter & Chemical Protective Biological Shelter Competency Skill Sheets; Appendix D – Establish a Protective Decontamination Shelter & Priority of treatment and Triage Competency Skill Sheets

NOTE: This document is in PDF format : Chapter heading are bold, subsections of chapter are in (parentheses).


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Company Command: The Bottom Line - Army Leadership Guide

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