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Is it possible to cancel a unit transfer?

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This response is provide based on the information you provided. You should not use this content as the sole source in making your decision. Seek guidance from your chain of command, JAG, IG., or other appropriate agency.  Do your own research. Then make an informed decision.

It depends on the approval authority and the reason for cancellation.  If it is a local transfer within a battalion or on the same post the installation usually controls where Soldiers are assigned on the installation so it would be a matter of the receiving unit agreeing to cancel the transfer and the installation G-1 agreeing to cancel.

If the transfer was approved at the HRC level it will take approval from your assignment manager. While possible this requires more coordination.

In all cases, the cancellation will be based on the needs of the Army.  If the Army has a greater need for you in the new location then odds are you will proceed with the transfer.

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