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Technical Manual

TM 4-48.07 Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment Rigging the Rapid Runway Repair Kit and Military Bridges

This manual tells and shows how to prepare and rig the rapid runway repair kit on a 20-foot, 24- foot and the Alpha kit on a 32-foot type V airdrop platform for low-velocity airdrop from a C-130 and C-17 aircraft. …Read More

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TM 4-48.25 Airdrop of Supplies and Equipment Rigging Forklift Trucks; Whole Blood; Communication Shelters; Tracked Vehicles

This manual tells and shows how to rig the following items for low-velocity airdrop from a C-130 or C-17 aircraft: The S-318/G shelter with AN/GRC or An/GRC-142 communications equipment on a type V platform; The PU-620M trailer-mounted power unit on …Read More

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TM 3-34.42 Construction Project Management

This publication is a multi-Service publication that provides uniform guidance to describe common methods, procedures, and formats for all aspects of construction project management at the operational unit level required to successfully plan, schedule, and execute a construction project by …Read More

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TM 3-34.45 Engineer Prime Power Operations supersedes FM 3-34.480 Engineer Prime Power Operations

This TM provides a doctrinal basis for planning and employing engineer prime power assets in the operational environment. It describes the responsibilities, relationships, capabilities, constraints, planning considerations, and logistical requirements associated with engineer prime power operations. The fundamental purpose of …Read More

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TM 3-34.83 Engineer Diving Operations – Supersedes FM 3-34.280 Engineer Diving Operations

This TM provides the doctrinal basis and the responsibilities, relationships, procedures, capabilities, constraints, and planning considerations for the conduct of engineer underwater operations throughout an area of operations (AO). Its primary purpose is to integrate engineer underwater operations into the …Read More

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TM 3-34.70 Plumbing, Pipe Fitting, and Sewerage – Supersedes FM 3-34.471 Plumbing, Pipe Fitting, and Sewerage

This manual is a guide for engineer personnel responsible for conducting plumbing and pipe fitting operations. It provides information on water, waste, and heating systems and basic plumbing techniques. Use this guide to help repair fixtures, leaky pipes, and valves; …Read More

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TM 3-34.22 – Military Nonstandard Fixed Bridging (Supersedes FM 3-34.343)

This manual provides essential technical information on nonstandard fixed bridges for engineer staff officers. It is the doctrinal source of information for the US Army on the NATO Bridge and Vehicle Classification System. This manual also provides various methods for …Read More

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TM 9-2350-238-10 Operator’s Manual For Recovery Vehicle, Full Tracked: Light, Armored, M578 (NSN 2350-00-439-6242) (EIC: 3LA) (Reprinted W/Basic Including Changes 1-4)

TM 9-2350-238-10 Operator’s Manual For Recovery Vehicle, Full Tracked: Light, Armored, M578 (NSN 2350-00-439-6242) (EIC: 3LA) (Reprinted W/Basic Including Changes 1-4) is for your use in operating and maintaining the Armored Light Full Tracked Recovery Vehicle M578. The vehicle is provided …Read More

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TM 11-5985-357-13 Operator’s, Organizational, and Direct Support Maintenance Manual for Antenna Group OE-254/GRC (NSN 5985-01-063-1574)

This manual describes Antenna Group OE-254/GRC and provides instruction for installation, operation, and maintenance. It includes instructions for operation under usual and unusual conditions, cleaning and inspection of the equipment, and replacement of parts available to the repair technician. NOTE: …Read More

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TM 3-39.31 Armored Security Vehicle (Supersedes FM 3-19.6)

This manual provides MP forces with the tactics, techniques, and procedures and related information for the contemporary operating environment. It will optimize the capabilities of our MP forces as they conduct area security, maneuver, and mobility support operations. The ASV …Read More

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TM 3-23.25 Shoulder-Launched Munitions (Supersedes FM 3-23.25)

This technical manual provides technical information and training and combat techniques for shoulder-launched munitions. Intended users include leaders and designated Soldiers who will use this information to successfully integrate shoulder-launched munitions into combat operations. It also discusses training for proficiency …Read More

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TM 3-22.31 40-mm Grenade Launchers Change 1 Only (Supersedes FM 3-22.31)

This is Change 1 to TM 3-22.31 40-mm Grenade Launchers. It is not the complete manual. NOTE: This document is in PDF format : TM 3-22.31 supersedes FM 3-22.31 Download Only Change 1 to TM 3-22.31 Click Below: ▼ Download Full …Read More

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