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New Barracks NCO – What Do I need to Know

It your resources together…see attached and also check in with your 1SG make sure you have their support and understand what their expectations are. Consider having a barracks meeting with all personnel to go over standards, policy, and procedures. Keep …Read More

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How can I get my orders deleted? My child has a life threatening condition.

I need my orders to be Deleted due to a dependent child life threatening medical condition, and due to Covid 19 he is at high risk as well, he recent has a mental crisis and depression requiring Stabilization and continuation …Read More

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How to Complain and be Heard

Extracted from the “Military Spouse” written by Patrician Gerecht and CSM(R) Mark Gerecht. Usually spouses or service members who are having problems just want to be heard (perhaps just to vent) and be provided a reasonable degree of comfort that …Read More

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Get Tabbed - How to Graduated Army Ranger School
The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership

Planning a Major Inspection – Don’t Work Late

How to develop teamwork, build and grow your team in ways you never thought possible. One event can change how your unit operates going forward

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Discouraged – NCO won’t Train me!

Discouraged:  First whatever you DO NOT GET DISCOURAGE!  Keep in mind this is only a temporary situation.  The good and bad about the military is things change.  You could be reassigned within your unit.  Your NCO or yourself may come …Read More

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How to Submit a Complaint Against your Commander

Purpose The purpose of this Article is to walk you through the Article 138 process.  This will help you understand if the Article 138 process is appropriate for your situation and explain how to construction your complaint. Reference: Army Regulation:  …Read More

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Military Writing: A Guide for Writing Counseling, Evaluations, Memos, Letters and more
Company Command: The Bottom Line - Army Leadership Guide

Personality Conflicts – Pick the Battles Worth Fighting

The following is an extract from the book Move Out The Insider’s Guide for Military Leaders Just as military units avoid committing their forces to diversionary attacks and feints, leaders must be alert to being drawn into minor skirmishes that …Read More

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How to Stop a Complainer

This is a great leadership question. The answer? Put the Soldier in charge. Make them responsible for the solution. One of two things could happen: They might actually do a good job, solving the problem. In this scenario, everyone wins. …Read More

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ME and MY LT!

Note From CSM (R) Gerecht: CSM Woodyard was my battalion CSM when he wrote this article.  He was an incredible leader, exceptional mentor, and role model.  Unfortunately his life was cut short as a result of a traffic accident while …Read More

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Revoking Privileges and Corrective Training

The following article is an extract from the book:  The Mentor -Everything you need to know about leadership and counseling by CSM retired Mark Gerecht Some times you can make corrective training more effective by recommending revocation of privileges. The …Read More

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Solider does not have a driver’s license and is late to work

The response is provided based on the information you shared. It is not legal advice nor should this information be used to make a decision. It is highly recommended you speak with your chain of command, IG, and/or JAG before …Read More

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Spouse causing problems for a Soldier in AIT

Situation: My child’s spouse called the commander because they cannot get their ID card. My daughter’s has done everything they are supposed to do. She filled out the proper paperwork and the spouse did not go get their ID in …Read More

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