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Readiness and Mobilization exercise (MOBEX/REMOBE) SOP

This is a Readiness and Mobilization exercise (MOBEX/REMOBE) SOP.  The purpose is to verify soldier readiness, identify mobilization and readiness shortcomings, and correct all possible deficiencies to ensure unit readiness.  This exercise will meet administrative requirements for an annual Soldier …Read More

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Army Reserve National Guard Training Management SOP

This SOP will assist the Battalion in retaining regulations, pamphlets, and circulars in numerical sequence in 3-ring binders; with the exception of regulations, pamphlets, and circulars pertaining to subject areas.  This SOP requires the creation and management of 7 separate …Read More

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Army Reserve Conduct of Training SOP

This Standing Operating Procedure establishes overall policies, procedures, and responsibilities for the conduct and administration of Battalion operations during IDT and AT.  All unit members must be familiar with the provisions of this SOP that impact their duties. NOTE: This …Read More

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Administrative Separations SOP

This SOP provides installation units with administrative separation procedures and guidelines to ensure timely and effective processing of legal actions. Units will incorporate these procedures and processes to ensure effective processing of enlisted  administrative separations according to Army regulatory guidance and …Read More

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Academic Schools Policy SOP

This SOP establishes procedures for the United States Army Engineer School (USAES),  Engineer Officer Basic (EOBC), Engineer Captain Career Course (ECCC), Warrant Officer Basic (WOBC), Warrant Officer Advanced (WOAC) and International Military Students (IMS) Courses. NOTE: This document is in …Read More

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Battalion Mission Essential Task List

Explains the procedures for making, maintaining and reasons for a mission essential task list. NOTE: This document is in MS Word format

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Tactical Operations Center Journal Procedures

Procedures for making and keeping a tactical operations center journal. NOTE: This document is in MS Word format

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Example Battalion Standard Operating Procedures

Memo in regards to the Battalion standard operating procedures (SOP), explaining where to locate a copy of the SOP, circumstances not directly covered by the SOP, SOP conflicts with procedures or policies of higher authority agencies, requested changes to the SOP …Read More

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Tactical Operations Center Base SOP

Example Tactical Operations Center Base SOP NOTE: This document is in MS Word format

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