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Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming or Staying a Drill Sergeants

A document that answers the FRQ’s about Drill Sergeants which are as follows: What are the qualifications to be a Drill Sergeant? I was a successful Drill Sergeant and want to apply for a second tour, can I? I failed background …Read More

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A Class Covering Junior Enlisted and NCO Soldier Expectations and More

A Class that cover the following topics about Junior Enlisted and NCO Soldier expectations. Junior Enlisted Agenda Background Expectations Discipline/Standards Physical Training Deployment Family Readiness Fit Self Development NCO Agenda Background Expectations Soldiers Training Maintenance Deployment Family Readiness Self Development …Read More

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A Guide to Communicating With Members of Congress

Elected officials rely on constituent input to be effective legislators. Ongoing communication is the only way public representatives will know and understand how voters feel about particular issues. As a member of the medical community, your responsibility in communicating with …Read More

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Award Quick: Army Award Writing Software
The Evaluator - Army Evaluation & Counseling Guide

An Explanation of What a Casualty is in Frequently Asked Questions Format

Casualty is an inclusive category. This document explains the many circumstances that can lead to someone be listed as a casualty which include many categories many of which include a Soldier that is still living or in an unknown state. …Read More

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Briefing Formats – What the Lay Out of a Proper Format for Briefings Should Be

The documents give details on briefing formats that will be used while completing tactics courses. Indicated with each briefing is the staff section that would normally present that briefing. It covers: Section I. Mission Analysis Briefing Section II. Course of …Read More

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Leader Support of Behavioral Health Goals Class

This is a class designed to provide information on a new army special interest requirement for evaluation report support/counseling forms and performance counseling in response to the referenced message. It states that raters will address with rated officers & NCOS …Read More

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Master Army Promotions Boards - App for iOS
The comprehensive guide to the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)

Army National Guard Yellow Ribbon Program

A class that about the Army National Guard Yellow Ribbon Program that covers the following subjects: The Yellow Ribbon Program  has provided information, services, referral and proactive outreach to Soldiers, spouses, employers, and youth throughout the entire Mobilization; Pre-Alert, Alert/Pre-Deployment, …Read More

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Class About Getting To And Being Able To Preform Well While In Front Of The Board

This is a class about getting to and being able to preform well while in front of the Board.  It will help prepare Soldiers for the Board so that they will score well and get the recommendation from promotion they …Read More

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Army Combat Helmet “Punisher Standard” PowerPoint Slide Class

This is a one slide PowerPoint class the explains the basics of what should be on the Army Combat Helmet. It covers: Soldiers in the rank of SPC or below will have their last name sewn on the helmet band …Read More

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A Parents Guide To The Army

This is a pamphlet written by an Army wife and mother. It has advice for the families of Soldiers and for the In-laws of Soldiers. It covers may situations the family member have to deal with when married to, being …Read More

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Junior Enlisted Soldier In-brief Class

Junior Enlisted Soldier Topics of the Class Background Expectations Discipline/Standards Physical Training Deployment Family Readiness Fit Self Development  

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Army Counseling TTPs

This official AskTOP class has been presented to units across the country as part of our AskTOP Leader Development Series. It focuses on the DA Form 4856 and proper counseling techniques that will help you grow your team and protect …Read More

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