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Checklists and Worksheets

Introduction to Pre-Combat Checks and Inspections

When your Soldiers are preparing for a mission of any type, you must be certain that everyone is ready and everything is in order. If a weapon isn’t working, if a radio’s batteries are dead, if you don’t have enough …Read More

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Master CQ Desk Forms, Individual Sick Slip, Daily Staff Journal Or Duty Officer’s Log, Key Control Register And Inventory, Hand Receipt/Annex Number

Master CQ Desk Forms, included are as Follows: Individual Sick Slip Daily Staff Journal Or Duty Officer’s Log Key Control Register And Inventory Hand Receipt/Annex Number NOTE: This document is in MS Excel

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Military Map Board

A Map Board that contains sheets for the following: Military Aspects of Terrain (AO, AI, CAR, GDOT) Weather Enemy General Situation Disposition, Composition &Strength Enemy Capability By BOS – Enemy COA Friendly Mission Friendly & Enemy BOS Friendly Capability By …Read More

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In and Out Processing Checklist Example

An In and Out Processing Checklist example that can be filed out and printed for signatures.  This should give an excellent look to the In And Out Processing Checklist when you turn it in. NOTE: This document is in MS …Read More

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Brigade (BDE) Long Term Training Schedule Example

An Example of a Long Term Training Schedule Calender with a Page for Every Month Covering a Tow Year Span .  It also has a Page that Covers a Full Fiscal Year with a Column for Every Month and the Quarters of …Read More

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Funeral Detail Briefing Checklist and Request for Military Funeral

Checklist for handling the details of a funeral.  Also included is a Request for Military Funeral form.  The checklist covers the following areas: Funeral Requirements Arrange Transportation Requirements For After Action Report Order Vehicles NOTE: This document is in PDF format

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Family Care Plan Checklist

This is a Family Care Plan Checklist, included are example memos for Statement of Pregnancy Counseling for Enlisted Soldiers by the Commander, Letter of Understanding between Commander and the Soldier for the Family Care Plan (FCP) and, Statement of Pregnancy Counseling …Read More

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Company Clearing/Inproccessing Sheets – Checklists for Clearing and Inprocessing Personnel Prior to Going on and Returning From Leave

Company Clearing Sheet, example of sheets to be used as checklists for clearing and inprocessing personnel prior to going on and returning from leave. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint

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Board Preparation Checklist

A checklist designed to make sure you are prepared when you go in front of the Board. Areas Covered are as Follows: Determine Board Convene Date & Eligibility DA Photo Update your Record Brief (common errors) Evaluation Reports (common errors) …Read More

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AZ ARNG Form 175 – AZ ARNG Military Flight Plan

Download AZ ARNG Form 175 Fillable PDF Format Click Below ▼

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Absent without Leave (AWOL)/Dropped from Rolls (DFR) Checklist

Absent without Leave (AWOL)/Dropped from Rolls (DFR) checklist is a list of all the items required to report a soldier as AWOL or DFR. NOTE: This document is in MS Word format

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Hand to Hand Risk Management Worksheet

Two page Hand to hand risk assessment worksheet. NOTE: This document is in MS Word format

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