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Chapter Actions

Enlisted Personnel Separation Actions Handbook

This handbook is a practical, step-by-step guide on how to prepare an administrative separation action. It was prepared by the office of the Staff Judge Advocate. NOTE: This handbook is in MS Word format CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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Chapter Checklist of Required Items

Contains Checklist with the required item for the following chapter actions: Chapter 3: Secretarily Plenary Authority, Chapter 5-1: Surviving Son or Daughter, Chapter 5-8: Involuntary Separation due to Parenthood, Chapter 5-9: Lack of Jurisdiction, Chapter 5-10: Aliens Not Lawful Admitted …Read More

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Chapter Action Outline

A spreadsheet that provides information about chapter actions including: Chapter number, Chapter name, Brief description of the chapter action, Separation authority, Type of discharges under the chapter action, Requirements for Counseling, Rehabilitation, Medical exam, Mental evaluation, and any additional documentation …Read More

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Benefits at Separation Chart

A chart that lists the benefits available to individuals under the conditions of their separation from the Army. For your convenience if you are unable to find the information needed on the “Benefits at Separation Chart” additional information is needed …Read More

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Administrative Separation Quick Reference Guide

This document provides information regarding separation from the Army under a verity of conditions. It specifically highlights Types of mandatory separations, initial separation processing procedures, administrative board procedures, separation with a board, separation without a board, separation after board hearings, …Read More

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