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Is it true that if I am promotable I must attend the proper leadership school before I can be promoted? Does this sound right?

Can a unit commander conduct multiple formations a day because 1 Soldier failed to follow instructions?

Can a commander revoke an award because they forgot to flag me 6 months ago?

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Do I need permission to make a long distance call or call overseas on a military line?

Can my unit force me to commute 40 miles away on temporary duty and require me to use my car?

Do prior service reclassing have to do PT with IET students?

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Are barracks manager exempt from all training and if so is there a regulation that supports this?

I was recommended for an ARCOM but it was downgraded to an AAM. What can I do?

If I receive an Article 15 and I am not flagged does this invalidate my punishment?

I got a speeding ticket on post for 30 over and got an Article 15..believe my punishment is excessive. What can I do?

My child is going thru AIT and maybe recycled or reclassed. Can I communicate with the commander to help my child?

I have filed a formal appeal on my award downgrade. The unit is saying the recommender has to file appeal. The regulation does not stipulate. Do you have better guidance?