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Are there new rules for adding campaign stars to the Iraq and Afghanistan Campaign Medals?

My NCO told me I can add another campaign star to my Afghanistan Campaign Medal. Is this true?.. Read the Answer»

How do I know if my civilian education is valid for promotion points?

How is civilian education verified with transcripts?.. Read the Answer»

How are Classroom, Clock, Contact Hours (CH), and Quarter Hours (QH) converted?

I'm a little confused on the computation for civilian education hours. Can you explain them?.. Read the Answer»

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Can I get multiple points for more than one language?

The new policy states that Soldiers get 10 points for 1/1 on DLPT but it's not clear to me if a Soldier has multiple languages, do they get additional points?.. Read the Answer»

How do promotion audits work when you are deployed?

My unit is currently deployed. Many Soldiers state that their supporting documents are in the rear and that they will only be able to provide them once they re-deploy. What do we tell them?.. Read the Answer»

Move out beret, the patrol cap is in!

The Secretary of the Army announced on 13 June 2011 via Army Directive 2011-11 that “Effective 14 June 2011, the ACU patrol cap is the primary headgear for all Soldiers as the duty uniform headgear.”

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If I took a course similar to the Warrior Leaders Course in another branch, can I get credit for WLC?

As a Marine, I attended the Corporal's Leadership Course. Is this equivalent to WLC?.. Read the Answer»

Does Active Federal Service time in another branch of service qualify for the the AGCM?

I served 4 plus years in the USMC. I have a Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal (MCGM) and I am now in the Army. Does the time after my MCGM count towards the Army Good Conduct Medal (AGCM)? .. Read the Answer»

What schools can be entered onto my ERB and which ones count towards promotion points?

I recently finished the Military Transition Team course. Can it be entered onto my ERB and does it count towards promotion points?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be recommended/approved for awards while flagged for APFT failure? Updated As of 11-15-2019

I have a Soldier who is flagged for failing the APFT. The commander will not sign it because he states he is not eligible for an award. Is this correct?.. Read the Answer»

Do DoN or Marine Corps awards qualify for Army promotion points?

I earned numerous awards and decorations during my prior service with the Marine Corps. Will those points qualify for Army promotion points?.. Read the Answer»

Will I get promotion points for each of my Driver badges?

AR 600-8-19, chapter 3, Para 3-43, states that Soldiers earn a maximum of five points for Driver or Mechanic Badge. It will be changed to 10 points on 1 June 2011. Will Soldiers who have multiple Driver and Mechanic Badges be able to get points for more than one?.. Read the Answer»