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Will I have to be reboarded once I successfully meet height and weight standards?

I am currently on the overweight program. Will my promotable status be reinstated once I make weight or will I have to go back to the promotion board?.. Read the Answer»

What proof do I need to get my prior service awards on my ERB?

I am about to attend the promotion board and need to update my ERB. I am a prior service Marine with awards from my prior service days. What documentation to I need in order to serve as proof for the awards I earned?.. Read the Answer»

How do I find out if I’m on PCS orders?

I talked to my branch manager about two weeks ago and he said I will be coming up on orders soon. How can I check to see if I'm on orders?.. Read the Answer»

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How do I check the status of my service award for my last deployment?

I was submitted for a Bronze Star during my latest deployment. However, since my return I have heard different statuses about my award such as it being approved, downgraded, and even lost. Despite constant communication with my S1, no one can seem to locate my award and give me an accurate status. What should I do?.. Read the Answer»

Will an adverse action flag prevent a SSG from being considered for the SFC promotion board?

I am currently flagged for adverse action. Do I still meet the criteria to compete during the SFC selection board or am I disqualified? Will the board members be able to see my records?.. Read the Answer»

New phase: Afghanistan Campaign Medal

HRC Awards Branch has provided the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel & Readiness) memo which announces the establishment of a new campaign phase for the ACM.  The new campaign phase is “Transition I”, and the beginning date …Read More

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New Military Education points for promotions effective 1 Jan 2012

According to MILPER MSG 11-306, Soldiers will see an adjustment in promotion point distribution for military education on their Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW) on 5 December 2011. The change will become effective for Soldiers being promoted on 1 January 2012 …Read More

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What should I do if my S1 fails to update my records, causing me to miss the cut-off score?

I submitted documents to my S1 to get added to my ERB and PPW three months ago but for some reason, my S1 has not updated my records. I could have made cut-off for promotion twice if my records were updated on time. I don't want to bring it up any higher and want to try and resolve the issue on my own. What can I do about this?.. Read the Answer»

If already on the CLI list, do the points I have get added to my new points once I attend a promotion board?

I am a SPC promotable under CLI with 39 points and I am about to attend the promotion board. Will those 39 points get added to my new total or will I lose them?.. Read the Answer»

Have ARCs replaced ETPs for promotion to SGT and SSG?

I am aware that ETPs are no longer authorized effective 1 Jun 11 promotions. However, I keep hearing that guidance has come down and there is a new procedure in place called "Administrative Records Corrections" or ARC. Is this true?.. Read the Answer»

I just got put on assignment orders. How can I get them deleted?

I recently found out as I checked my AKO that I have been placed on assignment orders to Ft. Polk, LA. How can I request to get them deleted?.. Read the Answer»

I have a Soldier with a Permanent Profile who can’t do all APFT events. How will his score be calculated?

I have a Soldier with a permanent profile who can only do the push-up event and the alternate walk in place of the run. How will his APFT score be calculated? Can he still get promotion points?.. Read the Answer»