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Implementing Instructions and Processing Procedures for AF Form 910, AF Form 911, AF Form 931, and AF Form 932

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This memorandum provides guidance and procedural changes for processing AF Form 910, Enlisted Performance Report (AB thru TSgt), AF Form 911, Enlisted Performance Report (MSgt thru CMSgt), AF Form 931, Performance Feedback Worksheet (AB thru TSgt), and AF Form 932, Performance Feedback Worksheet (MSgt thru CMSgt). To ensure equitable and fair promotion consideration, implementation is time-phased based on the Promotion Eligibility Cut-off Dates (PECD) for each promotion cycle. Effective dates ensure all airmen will compete for promotion with the same EPR on top. Effective dates are as follows for the various AF Forms is contained in the memorandum as well as the instructions for filling them out.

NOTE: This document is in MS Word format


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