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Can I inspect a Soldier’s quarters or off post housing for health and welfare?

I do weekly (at least) barracks inspections. While I was out doing my run, i decided to pop in and see one of my Soldiers who lives on post. He's a young E4 with a wife and two kids. He allowed me in his home and we talked for a few minutes. While I was there, I noticed that his house was filthy. I politely mentioned this to him. I brought it to the attention of my E6. He came with me to visit the Soldier the following week. The house was still a mess. We sat him down and spoke to him about it. We then paid another visit today. He had notice and time to prepare for us. Conditions were better, but still bad. Now my question is this: Do we have the right to counsel and punish (if deemed necessary) for this? Or is a Soldier's house off-limits to the reach of their leaders? I've been searching and having a hard time finding any solid information on this. I don't want to see this situation blow up and have him go to JAG and sink everyone involved because we were trying to help him... Read the Answer»

Do Soldiers have to be present when the chain of command conducts a Health and Welfare with the MPs?

CSM, I really need some help here. I have seen 3 health and welfare inspection since I was assigned to this base. In each inspection the Soldiers are held in a common area and not allowed to be present when leadership and MPS search the rooms. Is this correct? Don't the Soldier have to be present during the search? .. Read the Answer»

Can NCOs trash a Soldier’s room during a Health and Welfare Inspection?

When con­duct­ing a health and wel­fare inspec­tion are NCO’s allowed to trash a room that was neat and in order?.. Read the Answer»

Health and Welfare Inspections Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that contains 9 Slides:  works through coordinating a health and welfare inspection with law enforcement. topics include: briefing unit commander, requesting K-9 support, information, OPSEC, additional support, actions on response. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint

Army Barracks Management Program Handbook

Article by

This is a guide to property management and operations of Army barracks. It describes the management of Unaccompanied Housing (UH) to support the needs of unaccompanied soldiers based on lessons learned and provides a uniform standard based on the needs …Read More

Can the Chain of Command Conduct Barracks Inspections without Soldiers being Present?

Is there a regulation that allows senior leadership to go through a single Soldier's room anytime they wish, without probable cause of anything suspicious and without notifying the single Soldier.. Read the Answer»

Can my Chain of Command make me go to the field on a dead man’s profile and crutches?

I recently had a hip Arthoscopy and a Labrum reconstruction surgery. Today is my final day of Convalescent Leave. My company command told my NCO that as soon as I sign in today, I have to come to the company and sleep in the Motorpool with the other rear D personnel while they are out in the field. I’m still recovering and on crutches and my medical profile pretty much all No’s down my profile. What I want to know is if they can make do this? Or should I do it and face the risk of hindering my recovery?.. Read the Answer»

Can my Chain of Command prevent me from going to the range if I have recently come off of medical profile?

I am coming off of ACL reconstruction surgery. I had a 90 day profile. I am completely off my profile and in the recovery phase. I am no longer on profile. I was told that I could not go to the range today because my profile ended 30 days ago. Is there any regulation that states that when a Soldier is in recovery time they cannot go to the range. TOP can you help me out with this Scooby Doo mystery?.. Read the Answer»

Can I be denied medical care by my Chain of Command?

Top here's the scoop: I am currently undergoing medical treatment which requires me to have more than 3 appts a week. I have a dead man profile as well as a temporary exception to policy for ht/wt. Here's my question: Can my Command force me to cancel appts, and can they reprimand me if I refuse?.. Read the Answer»

Can my 1SG make me keep my room to basic training standards and inspect me every day – including weekends?

CSM I really need some help here! Our 1SG wants all of our rooms dress right dress in such a way that we have little privacy and allows us very little ability to live with some degree of relaxation. He wants all of our clothes (socks, underwear, uniforms, and "civvies") displayed in a very specific manner; basically, he wants us to live in a state of perpetual basic training. He also inspects us every day including weekends, and we don't get released on weekends until 1800-2000 for a room inspection... Read the Answer»

Can I be forced to take a PT test while on profile for no sit-ups and no running?

Can my 1SG make me take a PT test while on an active no sit-up, no run profile? I'm all about being fit but there comes a point in time where in order for you to be squared away you have to be well and uninjured. The PT test will just further injure me and the last thing I want to do is be medically discharged... Read the Answer»

TC 55-509 Marine Engineman’s Handbook

This TC provides information on the principles of operation and maintenance of marine diesel engines, auxiliary equipment, and related systems. General instructions and precautions requiring special attention are included for guidance for those responsible for training personnel. No attempt has …Read More