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Can my chain of command force me to buy a unit PT uniform?

My chain of command is putting out a new uniform for pt but the soldiers have to purchase this new uniform and it’s not the pts issued from the beginning it’s more of a squadron uniform , so my question is can they make me buy it , will I get in trouble if I don’t ?.. Read the Answer»

How do I properly place full size medals on my ASU?

How do I put full size medals on my ASU?.. Read the Answer»

Should an In-Ranks Inspection be Announced or Unannounced?

What Type of Questions Should I ask My Soldiers During an In-Ranks Inspection?

Introduction Become the Uniform Subject Matter Expert in your Unit. Get your copy of Wear It Right Army Quick Reference Uniform Book Today–Answer all your uniform questions This will vary depending on the specifics of the inspection. You should establish a …Read More

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Can A Retired Soldier Give Me An Order?

Can a retired Soldier use his previous rank on active duty Soldiers? I had a retired SFC pull out his retiree ID card and try to order fix my uniform. Can he do that?. .. Read the Answer»

PAM 670-1 Guide to Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia

PAM 670-1 provides the implementation procedures for wear and appearance of Army uniforms and insignia. NOTE: This document is in PDF format

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Can Leadership require a Soldier attend a Promotion board in a Uniform that is not yet Mandatory?

I have a number of AGR Soldiers who were not issued ASU uniforms once they came on the AGR Program Per AR 700-84 The CSM will not let the SM participate in the promotion board without the ASU. The wearout date for the Class A is now 4th QTR FY 2014. Is there anything I can advise my chain of command with regard to this policy? .. Read the Answer»

Military Personnel Wearing Uniforms in Civilian Court – The Judges Conundrum Memorandum

This is Military Personnel Wearing Uniforms in Civilian Court – The Judges Conundrum Memorandum. Can or should someone in the active duty military or reserves wear their military uniform to civilian court? Generally speaking, the promulgated military rules provide that …Read More

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Are sunglasses authorized for wear with the ACU?

Are you authorized to wear non-prescription sun glasses with your Army Combat Uniform while on military duty?.. Read the Answer»

Move out beret, the patrol cap is in!

The Secretary of the Army announced on 13 June 2011 via Army Directive 2011-11 that “Effective 14 June 2011, the ACU patrol cap is the primary headgear for all Soldiers as the duty uniform headgear.”

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