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Military Justice Class/Briefing

Class/briefing on the Military Justice system major topics include: the commander’s tools,adverse administrative actions, administrative separation actions (Chapters), investigating crime and misconduct, nonjudicial Punishment (Article 15), court martial process, the Article 15 and the Chapter process. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint Download: 22/Military Justice Version 2.ppt Size: 1.09 MB

Military Justice Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that covers Non-punitive measures, Elimination, Nonjudicial Punishment, Unlawful Command Influence, Court Martial System, and Pretrial Restraint. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint

Military Justice and You Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that contains 129 slides that teaches about the Military Justice system.  It presents an informational class/briefing on the Military Justice system and the leader’s role in it.  During this time, you will receive an explanation of the Military Justice system to include its legal basis, its components, and both the punitive and non-punitive options you have available to you as a commander. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint Read more

How do I handle NCOs who are disrespectful to their Soldiers?

I have two NCOs who are disrespectful towards others in the unit. What is the best way to handle this? Verbal or written counseling? What forms or letters should I use?.. Read the Answer»

Miitary Justice Overview Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that reviews AR 27-10, AR 600-20 and other elements of the Military Justice system including Article 15’s. NOTES: Some references listed in this doc might have been superseded and/or updated and should be checked for accuracy, which can be easily done using the DA PAM 25-30 web page or downloaded and installed program for checking current and superseded DOD publications (For example purposes only: FM 3-0 was superseded by ADP 3-0, on 10 October 2011) : This document is in MS PowerPoint [drain Read more

Can I appeal an Article 15 after I initially decline?

I am in AIT and recently got an Article 15: 14/14. I was given the Article 15 unfairly in that I have previously done similar things but did not do it this time and was blamed for it. It simply isn't fair. My commander stated during the Article 15 hearing that he found me guilty of my reputation (being sarcastic and a goofball). What can I do? Can I appeal this even though I initially turned down the appeal? Will they hold be back in AIT longer than required?.. Read the Answer»

Warrior Transition Brigade Warrior Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to provide Warrior Transition BDE (WTB) Warrior’s with guidance on standards of conduct and key policies. This WTB Warrior ’s Handbook applies to all Warriors assigned/attached to the Warrior Transition BDE, Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Reading and familiarization of this handbook is mandatory. The standards will be practiced and enforced during your tenure in the WTB. Military personnel will conduct themselves in a manner to avoid discrediting yourself, the Read more

Can I recommend a Soldier for an Article 15 for jumping the chain of command?

I was informed by my senior NCOs that my Soldier can be punished under UCMJ for jumping chain of command/not properly using chain of command. Is this true? I have been researching and can not find specific information to support this... Read the Answer»

GTA 27-01-006 Army Rules for Imposing Nonjudicial Punishment Within the Reserve Component (ARTICLE 15, UCMJ)

This GTA is a booklet, 9 pages, that will aid officers in the Reserve Component, as a quick reference for imposing non-judicial punishment and proceedings. It details purposes of nonjudicial punishment, who may impose them, upon whom it may be imposed, and appeal processes. A table is also provided explaining the formal punishment proceedings for the enlisted personnel, officers, and warrant officers. NOTE: This document is in PDF format

GTA 27-01-005 Army Rules for Imposing Nonjudicial Punishment for Minor Offenses (ARTICLE 15, UCMJ)

This GTA is a pamphlet intended for use in training officers in the rules for imposing non-judicial punishment and as a reference for conducting non-judicial punishment proceedings. It also shows the Maximum Authorized Punishments for Formal Proceedings – Enlisted Personnel, Summarized Proceedings – Enlisted Personnel, Formal Proceedings – Officers and Warrant Officers. NOTE: This document is in PDF format

Can Article 15 punishments be influenced by previously resolved issues?

I was recently given an article 15. During the reading they kept bringing up a topic that is related but I have already been counseled for. I have completed corrective training for that issue. Regardless, It was the main factor that contributed to their decision about how to punish me under UCMJ. Is it legal for them to do this?.. Read the Answer»

Can I be punished under the UCMJ for dating a girl who is engaged to another Soldier?

I met a girl who turned out to be engaged to a Marine. We fell in love and she left him for me. However, I know he has access to proof that we were having a relationship prior to them breaking up. Should I be worried about the UCMJ or any repercussions?.. Read the Answer»