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How can I put an end to ongoing spousal abuse?

We have a Soldier who likes to threaten his spouse. He has told her that she cannot come to the unit to talk with the chain of command about the problem. This Soldier tells the spouse that he is going to leave her and that she is trying to destroy his career. This is an ongoing problem. Both parties have been known to engage in domestic violence against one another. The non service member is afraid to move forth with charges for fear of reprisal. I know DV is a big problem. We have gotten that under control. Is there anything that can be done about the threats? What is the actual "crime committed," so to speak and what are some consequences for this service members actions?.. Read the Answer»

Is being restricted to post considered punishment?

I was recently prevented from going off post by my Chain of Command, isn't this a form of punishment?.. Read the Answer»

Can I be chaptered for two minor counseling statements?

In the past year, I have received two counseling statements for minor offenses. Other than these two incidents, I have been a great Soldier and have the monthly counselings from my first line NCO to show this. My Battery Commander is telling me that he wants to chapter me out of the Army if I receive another counseling for anything during the rest of my time here (2 months). Can he legally start the Chapter work without an Article 15 or a major offense?.. Read the Answer»

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Political CANs and CANNOTs for Soldiers during a presidential election year

Now that we are through the holiday season and charging forward towards Spring we face 2012, a presidential election year. That potentially spells problems for military personnel (active, Guard, Reserve, or retired) who want to be involved in the political …Read More

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Can I receive an Article 15 because I let my platoon play soccer for PT?

My chain of command is recommending a field grade Article 15 because I decided one Wednesday to let my platoon play some soccer for PT. I thought it would be a great morale booster for the Soldiers. Now I am being punished for that decision. How can I prove that I was just trying to build morale and platoon cohesion?.. Read the Answer»

Should leaders who lose rank be moved to another unit?

I recently received a field grade article 15. I lost rank and pay and was assigned 45 days extra duty. I was in a senior leadership position. Isn't it fair that I should be moved to another unit? It is so degrading and shameful to stay in the same unit. I think the punishment I received did not fit the crime... Read the Answer»

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Soldier Decisions and Recourse during Article 15 proceedings

What happens after the decision has been made to pursue Article 15 action? The following general advice is written primarily for Soldiers facing Article 15 punishment and leaders who have subordinates undergoing an Article 15. The focus is on Soldiers, but …Read More

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Prepare DA Form 4430, DD Forms 2707, and DD Forms 2704 Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that teaches how to Prepare DA Form 4430 Department of the Army Report of Result of Trial, DD Form 2707 Confinement Order and DD Form 2704 Victim/Witness Certification and Election Concerning Prisoner Status that are required to be filled …Read More

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Writing Observation Report (OR) and Disciplinary Report (DR), and DD Form 2823 (DD2823) Reports Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that teaches how to write OR, DR, and DD Form 2823 (DD2823) sworn statement reports. It is intended to define procedures for reporting incidents properly which includes which report to use and how to fill it out. NOTE: This …Read More

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Military Justice Class/Briefing

Class / briefing that covers military justice. It is intended to teach how to identify the principles of military justice including criminal misconduct, jurisdiction, investigations, soldiers’ rights, search and seizure, restriction, administrative separations, non-judicial and judicial punishments, and unlawful command influence. …Read More

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Military Justice Class/Briefing

Class/briefing on the Military Justice system major topics include: the commander’s tools,adverse administrative actions, administrative separation actions (Chapters), investigating crime and misconduct, nonjudicial Punishment (Article 15), court martial process, the Article 15 and the Chapter process. NOTE: This document is …Read More

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Military Justice Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that covers Non-punitive measures, Elimination, Nonjudicial Punishment, Unlawful Command Influence, Court Martial System, and Pretrial Restraint. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint

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