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GTA 07-04-007 Training Meeting

This GTA is to be used in Armywide field and classroom training to better organize, plan, and resource future training. This booklet aids soldiers in learning to conduct training meetings at company and battalion level and provides techniques and procedures, …Read More

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When do Field Artillery units switch to direct fire?

I'm in Marine Artillery, and we field the M777 Howitzer. One of the sights we have, the elbow sight, is made for direct fire. In addition, each gun crew carries 2 AT4s and a 240B.My questions are: if my battery was engaged where we would need to use them, at what range would we switch from indirect to direct fire, and what could we really expect to fight off with that, rather than falling back?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier perform PCMS on a vehicle without a license?

To conduct PMCS and fill out a DA Form 2404, must a soldier be licensed on that piece of equipment/vehicle? I've scanned DA PAM 750-8 and TM XX-10's and have been unable to find a clear answer. I'm unsure if maybe I overlooked it, or if I am looking in the wrong place. I have been tasked with ensuring our 5 assigned vehicles get PMCS done, but none of my Soldiers are licensed on any of the 4 different vehicles... Read the Answer»

Can I administer a “for record” APFT while deployed? (UPDATED)

Does a PT Test administered during deployment count as a record pt test or is it only a diagnostic?.. Read the Answer»

Will my Army unit accept a civilian medical profile?

I have a profile from a civilian doctor I got while I was on leave but my unit won't accept it. What's up with that?.. Read the Answer»

Can the unit make me take a PT test if I am on profile?

My unit wants me to take a PT Test but I have been on profile for over 90 days. Can they make me take a PT test?.. Read the Answer»

U.S. Army Inspections: Planning & Preparation

The second in the inspection series, this article focuses on the importance of planning your inspection and provides tips to help you achieve positive results. Have you ever stood an inspection and wondered why you were doing it? Or why …Read More

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The drawdown cycle

After more than 10 years, we are beginning to drawn down major military operations that have tested our country. We will continue to the fight in Afghanistan until at least 2014 and most likely have a significant role in Iraq …Read More

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What reg covers profiles?

Can you tell me what regulation covers physical profiles?.. Read the Answer»

How do I clear a CBRN mask for an unconscious casualty?

I was asked a question recently and can't find the answer. If you come across a casualty who is unconscious in a CBRN environment, how do you clear their mask?.. Read the Answer»

Can I fire MK19 40mm grenades from the M203?

I have a bet going with a buddy. Can you fire MK19 40mm grenade out of the M203?.. Read the Answer»

What do I do when an NCO Declines NCOES?

I have an NCO who declined to go to an NCOES school. What should I do?.. Read the Answer»