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Can I use an electronic DA FORM 5000/5501?-UPDATED

All NCOs in my battalion use the electronic DA Form 5500/5501 that populates automatically. I was told there is a MILPER/ALARACT message prohibiting this. Is there? A few NCOs say they have seen it, but cannot show me and I cannot find any reference to this... Read the Answer»

Can I let Soldiers go to the gym during Duty Hours?

Is there a regulation for or against Soldiers going to the gym during duty hours? For instance, if one of my PVTs or SPCs wants to go to the gym during work hours, and there is currently no mission, will I be acting in violation of some reg by letting them go?.. Read the Answer»

Can I receive an Article 15 because I let my platoon play soccer for PT?

My chain of command is recommending a field grade Article 15 because I decided one Wednesday to let my platoon play some soccer for PT. I thought it would be a great morale booster for the Soldiers. Now I am being punished for that decision. How can I prove that I was just trying to build morale and platoon cohesion?.. Read the Answer»

Can my commander administer an unannounced record APFT 3 months after our previous test?

Recently we were given an unannounced for Record APFT with no notice and we had already taken a PT test for record 3 months ago. Can they do this?.. Read the Answer»

Is there a regulation that specifies the type of scale to be used during a unit weigh-in?

Sergeant Major,I am an AGR SFC. Upon arrival at my unit I was tagged with the position of First Sergeant. My question: During BN APFT's and weigh-ins, the scales we use to weigh Soldiers are floor scales purchased from Wal-Mart. Does any regulation list a standard for what type of scale is to be used? Every unit I have been in AC or as an AGR have used the same standard scales... Read the Answer»

Role of the NonCommissoned Office Class/Briefing

Class/briefing reviews the role of the NonCommissoned Office (NCO), Communication, Deployment, Administrative Business,  Training and Maintenance, Unit Discipline, Morale and Welfare, Combat, Transformation, Combat and Leadership are some of the Duties and Responsibilities that are covered in this class/briefing. NOTE: This …Read More

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Practical Exercises and Solutions, Appendix C, to Training Support Packages 600-Warrior Leader Course Book 4

Practical Exercises include: Army Physical Fitness Performance Test Risk Management Conduct an After Action Review Drill and Ceremony The Four Direct Leadership Skills Enforce the Equal Opportunity Program Conduct Developmental Counseling Supervise Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services Training the Force …Read More

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Heavy Weapons Company Training SOP

The purpose of this SOP is to standardize routine training in Company,  AIR in order facilitate ease of planning and execution of all training. Company leaders will know and use this document to develop and implement training plans and keep …Read More

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Individual Military Occupational Specialty Training SOP

This SOP is designed to establish policy and procedures that address Individual Training. This SOP applies to all personnel assigned and attached to this unit.  As used in this SOP, “individual” and “soldier” are used interchangeably and include all personnel …Read More

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Army Reserve National Guard Training Management SOP

This SOP will assist the Battalion in retaining regulations, pamphlets, and circulars in numerical sequence in 3-ring binders; with the exception of regulations, pamphlets, and circulars pertaining to subject areas.  This SOP requires the creation and management of 7 separate …Read More

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How can I convince my leaders to send me to language school (DLI)?

How can I or what is the best way to convince my leadership to send me to language school. I have a 117 on the DLAB... Read the Answer»

The Bear Went Over the Mountain: Soviet Combat Tactics in Afghanistan

The Bear Went Over the Mountain has been around since the 1980’s.  When Les Grau originally wrote Bear it was printed only in limited quantities and largely overlooked because the military establishment saw no real value in the book. After …Read More

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