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Can I be order to complete mandatory training if I have already completed the training and within tolerance?

Can a BDE or BN Commander require Soldiers to redo online 350-1Mando TRNG (i.e. ATlvl1) if they are in compliance? As in it is annual training and I did it last month. Can they punish the Soldier for not meeting their Arbitrary deadline to do so?.. Read the Answer»

Do schools attended while enlisted carry over to the military education section of an ORB when you commission as an officer?

Do schools attended while enlisted carry over to the military education section of an ORB when you commission as an officer?.. Read the Answer»

Tool of the Week- Medical Leader’s Reference Card- Can be Modified for Any MOS

Contains Amedd Battlefield Rules, CHS Functional areas, Troop leading procedures, Mett-tc Analysis Military aspect of terrain, Spot report Principles of CHS, 9- Line Medevac request, Task organization,Evac capabilities, AAR format, Risk management, Five- point contingency plan, EPW’s, WPNs Max E …Read More

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Using Moss on the Side of a Tree to Determine Direction- NOT TRUE

There have been many articles written and survival experts claim that you can tell cardinal direction by the side of a tree that moss grows on. The premise is that moss only grows on the North side of trees to …Read More

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Methods of Measuring Distance for Land Navigation

Straight Line Measuring distance on a map is critical to be able to determine how far you must travel between points or locations. You can measure straight line distance and curved distance (roads). The most accurate method for measuring straight …Read More

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How to Use Your Hand to Illustrate Terrain Features

Some of you may not know how to use your hand to explain terrain features; whiles a few of us might need a slight refresher.  Below is an example of how you can use your hand  to illustrate the terrain …Read More

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After Action Review (AAR) Planning and Preparation

Introduction After Action Reviews (AARs) are an extremely useful tool if planned and conducted properly. Conversely AARs that are improperly prepared and executed can be detrimental to the event and the overall morale of the element. The main point to …Read More

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Training Meetings: Who Attends & Their Roles

The following is a brief discussion on who attends a training meeting and what their roles are: Attendees will vary depending on the structure of your unit but on average the following personnel should attend the training meeting: Commander: Responsible …Read More

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I just got appointed as Battalion Master Driver but all we Have are Non Tactical Vehicles Where Can I Find Information to Perform My Duties?

I have just been designated the Battalion Master Driver.,,, we have no tactical military vehicles.. only vans and trucks..there is no driver's training program, we have no motor pool,,,where do I start to get individuals properly licensed on equipment on the airfield,,,ie tugs, agpus,and all vehicles they drive off on the airfield .. Read the Answer»

How to Build a Company Training Calendar (taken from Mechanics of Company Command)

Introduction In this article we will explore a quick and easy way to built a unit training calendar.  The following information is an extract from the book Mechanics of Company Command by CPT Bryan Langley.  It is a great book that is …Read More

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How do I handle an accidental weapons discharge?

Our unit just returned from the range and we had a leader accidentally discharge his weapon. No one was hurt, but boy did it tear up the commander's car. Any recommendation on how to handle this?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier with less than 1 year of service be flagged for failing the APFT and/or HT/WT?

Can a soldier with less then one year in the army be flagged for failing an APFT or HT/WT... Read the Answer»