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HR Actions Tracking Tool

This HR Actions Tracking Tool is a collection of worksheets and checklist to help track and monitor Human Resources activities. It worksheets and checklist included are Suspense, PAT, PERMS, Leader Call, Awards, Long Awards, Driving and Mechanic Badge, Jr Enlisted Advancement, Basic Military Requirements, Family Care Plan, NEOER, NGB 4100 Enlisted Promotion Point Worksheet, E4 Efficiency Reports, Line of Duty investigations, Medical Follow Up, Policies, SOPs, and Additional Duties. NOTE: This Read more

Format for Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) Documentation

This SOP describes the format to be used for the documentation of SOPs. It provides guidance for personnel preparing SOP documentation within different elements of the Corps to insure uniformity and clarity of the documentation. NOTE: This document is in PDF format

FM 3-21.20 The Infantry Battalion

This manual defines the role, operational requirements, mission tasks, battlefield functions, and command and control relationships of Infantry battalions organic to the Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT). Users of it must understand the elements of doctrinal literature and their relationship to each other. The commonly used terms, tactics, techniques, and procedures are both interrelated and mutually supportive. However, each term has its own usage, level of detail, and place in the hierarchy of Read more

Example Weight Control Program (WCP) Standard Operating Procedure

This is an example of a Weight Control Program (WCP) SOP. It can be used as an example of a Weight Control Program (WCP) SOP if you ever need to write one, and it includes these Objectives: Ensure that all soldiers are able to meet the physical demands of their duties under combat conditions. Ensure soldiers present a trim military appearance at all times. Provide procedures, for which personnel are weighed, measured for body fat percentage, placed on a weight reduction program and receive Read more

Congressional Inquiry Handbook

Department of the Army’s policy is to make information promptly available to Members and Committees of Congress and their staffs. This policy is limited only by pertinent regulations and directives relating to security and protection of individual privacy and to official information that requires protection in the public interest. This handbook does not replace AR 1-20, “Legislative Liaison,” or Department of the Army SOP, “Congressional Actions Responsibilities.” It is simply intended Read more

Where can I find an example Army counseling SOP?

Do you know of any reference i can access to get an an example of a Brigade SOP for counseling packets? I was tasked with making one and it is my first time even writing an SOP. I have been given little guidance. Thank you... Read the Answer»

Types of Orders Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that cover the types of orders. Orders covers include: Administrative order:   Covers normal administrative operations in garrison or in the field.  They include general, specific, memorandum orders,  courts-martial orders;  bulletins, circulars, and other memorandum. Combat orders:   Pertain to strategic, operational, or tactical operations and associated service support.  Combat orders include operations orders, service support orders, movement orders, warning orders, Read more