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How Many Points Do I Need to Obtain My 20 Year Letter and Where Can I Find My Point Totals.

I need to know how many retirement point I have and how many points I need to receive my 20 year letter? .. Read the Answer»

How Can I Obtain my Total Service Time if I served in More Than One Service?

I was in the Active Navy, Reserve Navy, Reserve Guard, Reserve Navy and then finally the Reserve Army and then IRR via the Army. Is there someplace I can contact where the Army could tell me what they have as my total service for retirement? .. Read the Answer»

Where can I get a copy of my Form 249-E that shows all of my retirement points.

Top, I heard you can answer just about any questions, so I hope you can help out an old Soldier. Here goes....How and where can I print out the 249E Retirement Point Statement?.. Read the Answer»

Six Questions to Ask before you ETS or Retire from the Active Duty Army

There comes a point in every Soldier’s career when they must decide to stay in, re-enlist or retire. The decision is seldom an easy decision. Whether you are a first enlistment Soldier or experienced career Soldier, I want to share …Read More

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Infantry Division Awards SOP Memorandum

This is an Infantry Division Awards SOP Memorandum.  It can be use as an example of how to write an Infantry Division Awards SOP Memorandum.  It also contains examples of how to fill out the recommendation for award DA FORM …Read More

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Awards Standard Operating Procedures Memorandum

This is an awards standard operating procedures memorandum.  It can be used as an example of how to write an awards standard operating procedures memorandum. All leader should be dedicated to ensuring that all soldiers, noncommissioned officers, and officers who …Read More

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Life after the Army

There is a lot of work to be done before you separate out of military service. It not only marks the ending of a career, but likely a complete uprooting of your life and drastic modification to your lifestyle.

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Check your retirement points every year (ARNG/USAR)

As a member of the Army Reserve/National Guard, you must have 20 years of service to be eligible for retired pay when you reach the age of 60.  A qualifying year is one in which you earn a minimum of …Read More

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