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Check your retirement points every year (ARNG/USAR)

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As a member of the Army Reserve/National Guard, you must have 20 years of service to be eligible for retired pay when you reach the age of 60.  A qualifying year is one in which you earn a minimum of 50 retirement points.  The reference for how retirement points are established can be found in AR 140-185.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you achieve the minimum points required to achieve a qualifying year. How do you get the points needed for a qualifying year? One point for each Read more

How do I get out of my unit? (E-2 in an E-7 position)

I am an E-2 slotted in an E-7 position. I have tried everything I can to get reassigned but my unit won't do anything and the IG says my MOS is double-slotted throughout the state. So my options are live with it, find a way to make my unit move me, or quit. Any guidance?.. Read the Answer»