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leadership counseling

Here is a list of everything we have published about leadership counseling

Writing for Impact Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that discusses how to write effectively. Writing is important for recognition,  quarterly and annual awards, career-specific awards will help to build careers, also for promotion,  Enlisted Performance Reports (EPRs) and Officer Performance Reports (OPRs) are critical to the promotion system.  Other subjects covered include: Information on Writing Military Style, How to Write an Effective Bullet. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint Read more

Unit Counseling Program Class/Briefing

Class/briefing discusses the effects of the unit counseling program on the organization, how to assess the program, how to improve the program, review the fundamentals of counseling, discuss the company level leader’s role in developing the unit counseling program. It covers what a company level leader must understand about the Unit Counseling Program which include the following: The effects of the unit counseling program on the organization How to assess the program How to improve the Read more

So You Want to Be Mentor Class/Briefing

Class/briefing includes information about becoming a mentor. Topics covered include: eight steps, what is mentoring all about, what does it take to be a mentor, what does the mentor get out of it, mentor responsibilities, different types mentoring, natural mentor, supervisory mentor, formal facilitated mentoring, mentoring program, review mentoring suggestions, make a match, general guidelines, looking for a mentoring, looking for a mentee, your first meeting, continue the partnership, continue Read more

Role of the NonCommissoned Office Class/Briefing

Class/briefing reviews the role of the NonCommissoned Office (NCO), Communication, Deployment, Administrative Business,  Training and Maintenance, Unit Discipline, Morale and Welfare, Combat, Transformation, Combat and Leadership are some of the Duties and Responsibilities that are covered in this class/briefing. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint

Warrior Leader Course 600-WLC MOD Book 1

The “Warrior Leader Course 600-WLC MOD Book 1” is designed to familiarize junior leaders with the latest leadership doctrine and concepts that will help them develop and improve their individual leadership abilities. It discusses the Army Leadership Framework, defines Army Leadership and describes the three Army Leadership Levels. The instruction examines the human dimension of leadership, character, competence, and details of what a soldier must Be, Know, Do to be effective. It explains developmental Read more

Army Leadership Counseling Class/Briefing

A class/briefing that covers counseling and gives the four steps of counseling and stresses the importance of counseling everyone. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint