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Do Soldiers have to be present when the chain of command conducts a Health and Welfare with the MPs?

CSM, I really need some help here. I have seen 3 health and welfare inspection since I was assigned to this base. In each inspection the Soldiers are held in a common area and not allowed to be present when leadership and MPS search the rooms. Is this correct? Don't the Soldier have to be present during the search? .. Read the Answer»

Principles of Command Inspection Program (CIP) Class/Briefing

A class/briefing that covers how the Command Inspection Program (CIP) process will is to be implemented. The purpose of this class is to touch on findings in the review of the Command’s CIP and to provide instruction of Inspection Policy.  These …Read More

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Organizational Inspection Program Class/Briefing

A class/briefing that is a review and discussion of the Organization Inspection Program (OIP). Topics covered include:  What it is, How to develop an OIP, General Information on Inspections, Definition, Categories Types, and 14 Principles for Good Inspections. NOTE: This document …Read More

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Class A Inspection Class/Briefing

A class/briefing that enable students to successfully participate in a class A inspection. The information is based on the Class A uniform but can be modified for current uniform requirements. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint

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