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Military Personnel Section Customer Handbook

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Topics covered in this handbook are as follows: Adverse Actions (Unfavorable Information Files (UIFS)); Assignments/Out-Processing; Automated Records Management System (ARMS); Awards And Decorations; Base In-Processing; Base Level Service Delivery Model (BLSDM); Basic Allowance For Subsistence/Essential Station Messing (BAS/ESM); Career Status Bonus (CSB); Change Of Rater (CRO), Duty Information Update, Unit Personnel Management Roster (UPMR) Updates; Identification (ID) Cards; Customer Focal Point; Read more

Corps Support Command Badge SOP

This SOP states sll personnel entering COSCOM Headquarters, are required to wear a badge as identification and for force protection.  During an increase in threat level for III Corps and Fort Hood, the badge policy allows security forces to control access to the building. Badges will be worn on the left side of the chest so that all members of COSCOM can easily see it.  Permanent badge holders will ensure the photo can be seen.  Lost badges will be reported immediately to the G2.  A written statement, Read more