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FM 22-100

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Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide

This is a Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide. It can be used to study the information you need to know to prepare to go in front of the SAMC Board.  It has sections covering the Motto, History of the …Read More

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Team Leading Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that discuss team-building techniques that prevent combat or operational stress among military units. NOTES: Some references listed in this doc might have been superseded and/or updated and should be checked for accuracy, which can be easily done using the …Read More

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GTA 22-06-001 Ethical Climate Assessment Survey

An ethical climate is one in which our stated Army values are routinely articulated, supported, practiced and respected. The Ethical Climate of an organization is determined by a variety of factors, including the individual character of unit members, the policies …Read More

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