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My Command has refused to remove a flag, what can I do?

I had a flag review in late July and was found to be in good standing. The flag remains in place. JAG has advised me the removal can take up to six months and I should cease any further follow ups. All of the research I have done says the flag should be removed immediately, and/or within 3 Days. This is detrimentally affecting a disabled child's ability to use education benefits, and causing great distress to the family as a whole and a significant financial burden. Can you provide any direction as to how and to whom we should escalate to? I thank you, in advance, for any help you may be able to provide!.. Read the Answer»

Can a Flag for Height and Weight Prevent me From Deploying with My Unit

I am currently deployed to Kuwait, my company has missions in Afghanistan and Jordan. I have been told that since I am flagged for height and weight I cannot deploy forward. Is this correct? .. Read the Answer»

Does Failure to Counsel in a Timely Manner Invalidate a Flag Action?

Is a flagging action valid if I failed an APFT on 18 August but didn't get counseled or flagged until September 20th?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier with less than 1 year of service be flagged for failing the APFT and/or HT/WT?

Can a soldier with less then one year in the army be flagged for failing an APFT or HT/WT... Read the Answer»

I Just Returned From Deployment- How Long Do I Have to Prepare For The APFT?

My unit returned from deployment in December. We were administered an APFT test in February. I was flagged in June. Is there something I can do to have this flag removed... Read the Answer»

Recent Change to AR 600-8-2- Am I required to counsel a Soldier that is flagged?

On 23 November 2012, AR 600-8-2 was modified making it mandatory to counsel Soldiers within 2 working days when they are flagged.  For specifics see the extract below. 2–5. Authentication Unless otherwise specified in this regulation, only commanding officers, commandants, …Read More

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Personnel Action (FLAGS) Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that contains information Personnel Action (FLAGS). Topics covered include: What is a FLAG, reasons for a FLAG, categories of a FLAG, on-transferable FLAGS, transferable FLAGS, and prohibited actions. NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint

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AR 600-8-2 Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (Flag)

This regulation prescribes Army policy for the suspension of favorable personnel actions function of the military personnel system. It is linked to AR 600-8 and provides principles of support, standards of service, and policies regarding the initiation, transfer, removal, and …Read More

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