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AR 715-13 Engineering Support for Items Supplied by Defense Logistics Agency and General Services Administration (RCS DLA(A)259(S))

This regulation is to establish policy and procedures for the provision of engineering support by the Military Departments to the Defense Logistics Agency and to the General Services Administration. It is applicable to DLA and the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and has been concurred in by GSA. It encompasses engineering support for: a. DLA. All DLA-managed items except those items of industrial production equipment managed by the Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center. It includes Read more

AR 711-6 Army Participation in the Defense Logistics Agency Weapon System Support Program

This regulation prescribes Department of Army policies, responsibilities, and procedures for managing and executing Army participation in the Defense Logistics Agency Weapon System Support Program administered by DLA. The DLA WSSP was established to enable the Services to identify to DLA those common consumable parts required to ensure adequate supply posture in support of organizational readiness objectives. The overall objective of the DLA WSSP is to enhance the readiness and sustainability of Read more

AR 700-15 Packaging of Materiel

This regulation: a. Establishes the Defense Packaging Policy Group to assure a uniform DOD approach to implementing packaging policies and packaging training programs. The DPPG is a permanent forum established to develop and recommend changes to policy, guidance, and standardization of packaging throughout the Military Services and the Defense Logistics Agency. b. Establishes joint policies for all Department of Defense components in developing uniform requirements for packaging of materiel. c. Read more

AR 700-101 Joint Operating Procedures Management and Standardization of Mobile Electric Power Generating Sources

This Joint Operating Procedure prescribes policies, assigns responsibilities, and mandates procedures necessary for management and standardization of Mobile Electric Power Generating Sources (and systems) utilized by all the Military Services and the Defense Logistics Agency worldwide. It addresses administrative functions in the areas of contracts and production, program management, logistics support, and configuration/data management. This regulation applies to the entire Department of Defense Read more

AR 40-656 Medical Services Veterinary Surveillance Inspection of Subsistence

This regulation establishes uniform methods for inspection of government–owned foods, to include wholesale stocks of food that are under the logistical control of the Defense Logistics Agency and Army, Navy, and Marine Corps-owned subsistence. It defines the U.S. Army Veterinary Service responsibility for surveillance-type inspection of all Service-owned food stored, issued, sold or shipped by installations. It implements AR 40–657/NAVSUPINST 4355.4H/MCO P10110.31H as it pertains to veterinary Read more


This regulation is to establish uniform policy and procedures for the requisitioning and supply of special measurement clothing and footwear, orthopedic footwear, plus guidons, streamers, and flags required by the Military Services. Applicability: the Defense Logistics Agency, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and by interagency agreement, the Coast Guard.