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Corrective Training

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Conducting a Counseling Session Class/Briefing

Class/briefing to teach new NCOs the fundamentals of counseling, some approaches to counseling, and relate these to different situations. Slide Topics include: the counseling form, types of counseling, approaches to counseling, sources of power, forms of influence, before the counseling …Read More

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Can I recommend a Soldier for an Article 15 for jumping the chain of command?

I was informed by my senior NCOs that my Soldier can be punished under UCMJ for jumping chain of command/not properly using chain of command. Is this true? I have been researching and can not find specific information to support this... Read the Answer»

How do I help a Soldier who just does not “get it” and cannot follow orders?

I have a Soldier who is quite frankly, a complete idiot. I know that may be harsh, but I have no other way to put it. Maybe "special' is more politically correct. However, this Soldier simply can't follow instruction, has no sense, and in general just does unbelievable things. I have done my best to address this. First I addressed his finances, because he has those all messed up. Then his lack of hygiene and cleanliness of his room. He is lost in most things I tell him to do. At 19 years old, he does not appear to have the ability to think for himself. I do my best to be clear with him, but I just don't know how long I can endure him. I honestly don't know how to deal with this guy. It's just one thing after another and counseling doesn't seem to help, formal or not. I don't see how an article will help him. I am tempted to just come down harder and harder, but maybe someone on here has a better option than that... Read the Answer»

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How do I correct a Soldier’s poor attitude?

How do I adjust a Soldier's negative attitude? He has crossed over into disrespect a few times and has been counseled and "corrected" on that. His attitude is no longer disrespectful but is extremely negative with a "why" type of attitude every time he is given a task... Read the Answer»

Can a Solider decline to do push-ups for Corrective Training?

I was told this is in Army regulation: When you ask a Soldier to perform push-ups as corrective training, he has the right to ask you to perform it with them. If you decline, they do not have to perform the order... Is this correct?.. Read the Answer»

Do I have to be in ACUs to conduct Corrective Training?

My platoon sergeant walked through the Soldiers barracks and called me to come conduct corrective (PT) training after we were off duty. Do I have to be in ACU to do this? Does the Soldier?.. Read the Answer»

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How long does an NCO have to implement Corrective Training?

How long does a NCO have to give a Soilder corrective training?.. Read the Answer»

Is my corrective training too harsh?

I am an NCO. I showed up to work 8 minutes late. This is the first time I have been late. My corrective training is to show up at the company from 1830-2300 and "do what I am told." Isn't this too harsh for a first offense? They put it on a 4856. If it is corrective training, why is it on a 4856? To top if off, the length of my corrective training is undetermined. Is this right?.. Read the Answer»

Can NCOs conduct corrective training without a DA Form 4856?

Can NCOs conduct corrective training without a DA Form 4856? It seems to me that they should have to document the problem with counseling... Read the Answer»

Can I be given corrective training and UCMJ punishment for the same offense?

Can I be ordered to perform corrective training and then be recommended for UCMJ for the same offense? Isn't this double jeopardy?.. Read the Answer»

Who can conduct corrective training?

I need information about who can conduct corrective training. Where does this authority come from?.. Read the Answer»

Can I be punished for not standing during the National Anthem?

My commander is considering corrective training against me because I did not stand during the National Anthem while off-duty at a ball game. How can he do this?.. Read the Answer»