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Code of Conduct

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Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide

This is a Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide. It can be used to study the information you need to know to prepare to go in front of the SAMC Board.  It has sections covering the Motto, History of the …Read More

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GTA 21-03-010 Code of Conduct

This GTA is a chart used as an aid in the instruction of classes on the Code of Conduct or as a stand alone, self-instructional training aid. NOTE: This document is in PDF format

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GTA 21-03-009 POW/MIA Code of Conduct

The first page of this GTA provides the soldier with a means of maintaining contact with fellow prisoners of war (Codes I through VI). The second page depicts the PW Tap Code and the PW Hand Language as a more …Read More

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