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Example of a First Sergeant Duties and Responsibilities Memorandum

This is an example of a First Sergeant Duties and Responsibilities Memorandum. It can be used as an example of how to write an initial counseling memo for a First Sergeant explaining his/her duties and responsibilities.  This memorandum provides specific guidance as to the normal duties of the top NCO in the company. It covers the topics of Personnel Management; Training; Soldier living and work area; Counseling and Reports; and Boards. NOTE: This document is in MS Word format [drain file Read more

Unit Counseling Program Class/Briefing

Class/briefing discusses the effects of the unit counseling program on the organization, how to assess the program, how to improve the program, review the fundamentals of counseling, discuss the company level leader’s role in developing the unit counseling program. It covers what a company level leader must understand about the Unit Counseling Program which include the following: The effects of the unit counseling program on the organization How to assess the program How to improve the Read more

Warrior Leader Course 600-WLC MOD Book 1

The “Warrior Leader Course 600-WLC MOD Book 1” is designed to familiarize junior leaders with the latest leadership doctrine and concepts that will help them develop and improve their individual leadership abilities. It discusses the Army Leadership Framework, defines Army Leadership and describes the three Army Leadership Levels. The instruction examines the human dimension of leadership, character, competence, and details of what a soldier must Be, Know, Do to be effective. It explains developmental Read more

Practical Exercises and Solutions, Appendix C, to Training Support Packages 600-Warrior Leader Course Book 4

Practical Exercises include: Army Physical Fitness Performance Test Risk Management Conduct an After Action Review Drill and Ceremony The Four Direct Leadership Skills Enforce the Equal Opportunity Program Conduct Developmental Counseling Supervise Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services Training the Force Map Reading Combat Orders Conduct Movement Occupy and Assembly Area Combat Operations Land Navigation Situational Training Exercise NOTE: This document is Read more

NCOER Guide Class/Briefing

A class/briefing that explains the NCOER process. Topics include: how rater supports the board process, how senior rater support board process,reviewer responsibilities, NCOER Inflation, NCOER Tips, promotion process, whole file concept, unsatisfactory performance, and interpretation of ratings NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint

AR 15-97 Joint Committee on Aviation Pathology

This regulation defines the mission, composition, and direction and control of the Joint Committee on Aviation Pathology. The Joint Committee on Aviation Pathology will be concerned with all matters relating to the role of pathology as applied to aviation and fight safety, and act as the focal point for disseminating information on the subject. Applicability: This regulation applies to the military departments, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, and with the concurrence of appropriate authority, Read more

AR 15-9 National Science Center

This regulation assigns responsibilities for the management of the National Science Center and sets policies and procedures for the establishment and operation of the Partnership Executive Committee. Historical Copy.

AR 15-80 Army Grade Determination Review Board and Grade Determinations

The Army Grade Determination Review Board determines or recommends the highest grade satisfactorily held for service/physical disability retirement, retirement pay, and separation for physical disability. In discussing the authority of the Board, this regulation also references other organizations that have been delegated authority to make grade determinations on behalf of the Secretary of the Army.

AR 15-8 Army Science Board

This regulation sets the mission, composition, and concept of operation of the Army Science Board. Historical Copy.

AR 15-6 Procedures for Investigating Officers and Boards of Officers

This regulation establishes procedures for investigations and boards of officers not specifically authorized by any other directive. This regulation or any part of it may be made applicable to investigations or boards that are authorized by another directive, but only by specific provision in that directive or in the memorandum of appointment.

AR 15-41 Nuclear and Chemical Survivability Committee

This regulation establishes and defines the mission, composition, responsibilities, support requirements, and direction and control of the Nuclear and Chemical Survivability Committee and the Nuclear and Chemical Survivability Committee Secretariat. Applicability: This regulation does not apply to the Army National Guard and the US Army Reserve.

AR 15-34 Department of the Army Individual Service Review Board

This regulation prescribes policies and procedures for determining an applicant’s membership in a civilian or contractual group whose services rendered to the Armed Forces is considered active military service. This determination is made to establish an individual’s entitlement to Veterans’ Administration benefits and the issuance of an Army discharge. Additional, this regulation sets forth the method of submitting applications for determination and reconsideration of disapproved applications. Applicability: Read more