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Here is a list of everything we have published about BAS

DA Form 4187 Personnel Action – Current Form and Also a Historical Copy Version That has Been Pre-filled Out as a Request to Reside off Post and Receive BAH and BAS

Download Current Blank Fillable PDF Format Click Below ▼ CLICK TO DOWNLOAD This is a Historical Copy DA Form 4187 pre-filled out as a Request to Reside off Post and Receive BAH and BAS Example. It can be used as …Read More

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Military Personnel Section Customer Handbook

Topics covered in this handbook are as follows: Adverse Actions (Unfavorable Information Files (UIFS)); Assignments/Out-Processing; Automated Records Management System (ARMS); Awards And Decorations; Base In-Processing; Base Level Service Delivery Model (BLSDM); Basic Allowance For Subsistence/Essential Station Messing (BAS/ESM); Career Status …Read More

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ALARACT 105/2010 Basic Allowance For Subsistence (BAS) COLLECTIONS

This message reinforces to commanders, G1’s, S1’s, and military pay offices that the law and Army regulation require collection for meals provided to Soldiers who are receiving full BAS under field conditions. This requirement is not optional. Unit commanders are …Read More

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Battalion Aid Station Mass-Casualty SOP

This incident plan for Battalion Aid Station (BAS), has been developed in order to respond to massive incidents involving multiple casualties.  Mass casualties occur when the numbers of patients overwhelm the local medical resources in place.  Examples of these incidents …Read More

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