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My commander has directed we wear all of our awards from our recent deployments- I do not have orders yet for several of the awards, should I still wear them?

My leadership wants me to wear all of our awards we're supposed to get from our deployment. I do not want to wear any of them until I get orders, or its on my ERB. Am I right to only wear what I've technically earned?.. Read the Answer»

Can overweight Soldiers receive awards?

Can a Soldier receive an award if he is flagged for overweight?.. Read the Answer»

Can stolen valor be mentioned on a Soldier’s NCOER?

An NCO in my unit was busted for wearing an unauthorized Ranger Tab. Can this be noted on his NCOER?.. Read the Answer»

What proof do I need to get my prior service awards on my ERB?

I am about to attend the promotion board and need to update my ERB. I am a prior service Marine with awards from my prior service days. What documentation to I need in order to serve as proof for the awards I earned?.. Read the Answer»

How do I check the status of my service award for my last deployment?

I was submitted for a Bronze Star during my latest deployment. However, since my return I have heard different statuses about my award such as it being approved, downgraded, and even lost. Despite constant communication with my S1, no one can seem to locate my award and give me an accurate status. What should I do?.. Read the Answer»

How far can a Soldier’s award be downgraded?

I was put in for a Soldiers Medal for saving a civilian's life. How far can it be downgraded?.. Read the Answer»

How do I tell a Soldier he will not get a PCS award because he is overweight?

CSM, how do I tell a Soldier he is not getting a PCS award because he is overweight?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier get a Good Conduct Medal if they were flagged for 2.5 years?

Can a Soldier receive a Good Conduct Medal if they were flagged for PT failure and overweight for 2.5 years during the award period?.. Read the Answer»

AR 672-8 Decorations, Awards, and Honors Manufacture, Sale, Wear, and Quality Control of Heraldic Items

This regulation prescribes the Department of the Army policy governing the manufacture, sale, reproduction, possession, and wear of military decorations, medals, badges, and insignia. It also establishes the Heraldic Item Quality Control System to improve the appearance of the Army by controlling the quality of heraldic items purchased from commercial sources. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


This regulation prescribes policies, assigns responsibilities, and establishes procedures for presenting an annual ARMY LABORATORY OF THE YEAR Award to the Research and Development laboratory conducting the best program during the preceding fiscal year, a SPECIAL AWARD to the most improved laboratory, and an AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE to other laboratories having particularly noteworthy programs.

AR 672-304 Army Research and Development Achievement Awards

This regulation prescribes procedures for administering the Army Research and Development Achievement Awards Program. This program was established under the general provisions of AR 672-20 to provide meaningful recognition of US Army military and civilian personnel for exceptional scientific and engineering achievement.

AR 672-201 The Secretary of the Army Recruiter / Retention / Transition Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) of the Year Awards

This regulation prescribes responsibilities, eligibility criteria, nomination, selection, and presentation procedures for the Secretary of the Army Recruiter/Retention/Transition Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) of the Year awards. Historical Copy.