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ATP 6.22.1

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Does the person who wrote the counseling have to sign it?

Short Answer Yes, the person that wrote the counseling statement must sign the counseling statement. Discussion While there is nothing in counseling doctrine that specifically states this it is common sense and it is also implied when reading counseling doctrine. …Read More

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Can I be counseled twice for the same incident?

Can I be counseled by two separate individuals in myr chain of command for the SAME incident? .. Read the Answer»

Can my leader recommend an Article 15 because he did not like the essay I turned in for corrective training?

The requirements for Corrective Training are outlined in:AR 600-20, AR 27-10, FM 27-1, and FM 7-22.7. Doctrine Tells us Corrective Training must not be used as punishment or appear to be punishment must relate directly to the observed deficiency

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What are the time limitations for the completion of counseling?

What are the time limitations for the completion of counseling?.. Read the Answer»