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AR 600-9

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Can a Soldier with less than 1 year of service be flagged for failing the APFT and/or HT/WT?

Can a soldier with less then one year in the army be flagged for failing an APFT or HT/WT... Read the Answer»

Can my Commander choose to keep me on the Promotion List if I am in the Overweight Program?

I failed tape and asked the Commander for a retape that was declined. I got off the ABCP three weeks later having met tape. 6 months later, I am told that the flag was never put through and I was counseled by my 1SG for removal from the promotion list. I read that is is waiverable by the commander and discussed it with my CO and he chose to still removed me from the promotion list. Is this a legal move? What are the recourses for this action? I am following up with legal but I reach RCP in 6 months and have training (ALC) in between allowing me to only go to one board before the training and have only one chance after the training to get my (P) back before I RCP... Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be forced to take an APFT and Weigh-in after a miscarriage?

My spouse had a miscarriage at 18 weeks. She is in the National Guard. She has reported the condition to her unit and they want her to take an APFT test in the next 7-10 days. This was documented and sent to the unit. Can they make her take a pt test and weigh her?.. Read the Answer»

Can male Soldiers tape a female Soldier for complaince with the Army Body Compostion Program Program (AR 600-9)?

Can 2 males tape a female who needs to be taped due to not meeting the weight guidelines?.. Read the Answer»

Can I receive a Relief for Cause evaluation report for being overweight with a medical condition that inhibits weight loss?

I recently received a Relief for Cause NCOER for failing to meet height and weight. Extenuating circumstances include: pregnancy and a medical issue that was related to the pregnancy which prevented weight loss within the 6 months time frame. Can they do this?.. Read the Answer»

If I have a medical reason not to be enrolled in the overweight wieght program should I still be flagged?

I have a medical condition that causes me to gain weight. I have to take injections daily. I am a PT stud and everything else in my record is sterling. Since I have a proflie I am not enrolled in the overweight program but I am flagged. I can't get promoted or get awards. Is it legal to flag me when it is not my fault?.. Read the Answer»

If a Soldier fails to complete TG 358 and Army Move!23 Questionnaire are they considered an ABCP program failure?

AR 600-9 states that Soldiers that fail the (ABCP) must read USAPHC TG 358 and complete Army Move!23 questionnaire So can the Soldier be considered an ABCP program failure if they faile to meet the requirements above? If they are not a failure what actions can be taken to correct this issue? .. Read the Answer»

Can I require a Soldier to weigh in if they had a miscarriage?

I have a Soldier who stated she had a miscarriage, a day before our APFT. She got 48 hours quarters. Can I still weigh and tape her? She did not have a quarter slip... Read the Answer»

New AR 600-9 hits the Street- What Changed?

Just a quick note to let you know of the changes in AR 600-9.    There are numerous changes.  The following is an extract of the Regulation Summary page.  Notice scales must now be calibrated.

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Weight Control Program (WCP) SOP

This SOP prescribes policies and procedures to implement a standardized weight control program within this Battalion IAW AR 600-9, “The Army Weight Control Program” .  The Army traditionally has fostered a military appearance that is neat and trim.  Self-discipline to …Read More

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AR 600-9 The Army Body Composition Program

This regulation establishes policies and procedures for the implementation of the Army Body Composition Program. The primary objective of the ABCP is to ensure all Soldiers achieve and maintain optimal well-being and performance under all conditions.

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