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AR 385-10

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Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide

This is a Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide. It can be used to study the information you need to know to prepare to go in front of the SAMC Board.  It has sections covering the Motto, History of the …Read More

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Driver Training and Certification SOP

This is a Driver’s Training and Certification Standard Operating Procedure. It purpose is to standardize the vehicle operator’s training and licensing throughout the Company, define responsibilities for the design and conduct of the driver-training program, and define the procedures and …Read More

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AR 750-6 Army Equipment Safety and Maintenance Notification System

This regulation: a. Sets the policy and procedures for preparing, issuing, disseminating, tracking, managing, and responding to safety of flight, safety of use, aviation safety action, ground precautionary action, maintenance action, and maintenance information messages in accordance with AR 750-1. …Read More

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TC 21-305 Training Program for Wheeled Vehicle Accident Avoidance Including Change 1

This TC provides a standardized training program for wheeled vehicle accident avoidance according to AR 385-10. It provides basic knowledge and motivational training in the safe operation of all wheeled vehicles to include POVs as well as AMVs. It does …Read More

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AR 385-10 The Army Safety Program

This is a two part regulation, Part one concerns Army Safety Program Management Functions by addressing general Army Safety Program management functions necessary for sustaining all phases and operations of the Army whether at the garrison, during contingency operations or …Read More

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