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AR 350-1

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Can a Soldier with less than 1 year of service be flagged for failing the APFT and/or HT/WT?

Can a soldier with less then one year in the army be flagged for failing an APFT or HT/WT... Read the Answer»

What regulation governs special population or remedial PT?

Is there a regulation that governs the frequency of special population/remedial PT? I can't find it anywhere... Read the Answer»

Can I be forced to take the APFT while in the IDES (formally MEB) process?

I'm currently in the IDES (formerly MEB) process, waiting on my percentages. I have a Leader who is intent on making me take an APFT, however, according to my profile I can only take the swim event according to my P3. Can I take a record with only one event? I'm not even supposed to do the swim, it was an error on the clinic's part but I never questioned it because I was told we don't have the facilities to do the swim... Read the Answer»

If a “FOR RECORD APFT TEST” is terminated before all events are completed how much time must elaspse before a Commander can make the Soldier take another “FOR RECORD APFT?”

Can a Commander have the unit start a FOR RECORD APFT and then stop the APFT for some reason and then require the unit to take the APFT again at a later date?.. Read the Answer»

Can a Commander give an unannounced FOR RECORD APFT test?

My Commander is giving unannounced FOR RECORD APFT tests. We just took a FOR RECORD APFT test 2 months ago and he just gave us another one today. He is not announcing the test or giving us any time to prepare. We just show up to PT formation and guess what...today we are taking a For RECORD APFT Test. This cant be legal. Top can a Commander just arbitrarily decide to give a FOR RECORD APFT test with no notice?.. Read the Answer»

Can my commander deny my request for a “FOR RECORD” APFT?

Can a commander deny a Soldier's request to take a "For Record" APFT test?.. Read the Answer»

How do I go about rescheduling my WLC, SLC, ALC class date?

I am scheduled to report to ALC on March 9 2014. I am on 90 days of recovery from a torn Hamstring which was initiated 2 JAN 2014. Basically, I cannot take a PT test until April but it is a requirement for my ALC class that starts in March. How should I approach my 1SG with fact that I may not be able to attend. I am in a small unit and my supervisor is a civilian. Thanks for your feedback... Read the Answer»

Can a Soldier be forced to take an APFT and Weigh-in after a miscarriage?

My spouse had a miscarriage at 18 weeks. She is in the National Guard. She has reported the condition to her unit and they want her to take an APFT test in the next 7-10 days. This was documented and sent to the unit. Can they make her take a pt test and weigh her?.. Read the Answer»

Soldier is on a temporary profile with an alternate event. He was given a “For Record” APFT & passed then he was told the test did not count- Can they do that?

Top I think my leadership is not applying the regulation correctly. I have a Soldier on temporary profile. The Soldier is authorized to take an alternate event for the APFT. He was given a "For Record" APFT after the Soldier passed the test the Soldier was told the Test did not count because he was on a Temporary Profile. Can you shed some light on this...I don't think this is right... Read the Answer»

How long do I have to practice for an alternate APFT event?

I usually take the swim for my alternate APFT event. I have been reassigned to a new unit and the commander told me I would be taking the bike test. Can he do that? I haven't ridden a bike in years. How long do I have to prepare?.. Read the Answer»

Can I be put on remedial PT for failing a diagnostic APFT? If so, please explain.

I failed a diagnostic APFT and was put on remedial PT. When can I be removed form Remedial PT? What Regulation covers Remedial PT?.. Read the Answer»

Can my Platoon Sergeant require me to have a score of 250 on my APFT?

Are Platoon Sergeants allowed to raise the APFT standard? My Platoon Sergeant is making our standard 250 points instead of 180. I have taken a diagnostic PT test every other week and I was wondering if a Platoon Sergeant can do that, or if it has to be a company wide thing... Read the Answer»